September goal update

What a month it was.  I didn’t make as much progress on my goals as I would’ve liked to, but it’s a new month meaning it’s time to really buckle down on goals, especially as the end of the year draws near.  Since my goals are winding down, I’ll only be reporting on the ones still in progress.  You can view the complete list under “2014 goals”;


Read 100 books in a year (55/100)

Goodreads has let me know that I’m 21 books behind schedule.  That means this girl needs to read a good 45 books in order to meet her goal, which is a lot of books.  I love reading and do it as often as I can, but sometimes squeezing in a couple chapters is challenging.


Beat 10 video games (9/10)

I beat Pokemon X last month and completed a good chunk of sidequests.  I have lost some interest with it and currently I’m multitasking between Earthbound and The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past.  One of those games will be beat by the end of the year!


Complete 9 crafts

I’m sad to say I’ve barely given any love to this goal.  I can’t even remember the last time I worked on a craft…


Volunteer or donate to ten organizations and causes (other than church tithe) 7/10

I donated an item to a silent auction and raised a good bit of money for the organization.


Pay $10,000 off student loans

I was up to $6,645.40 as of September 30th and it’s since gone up a few hundred dollars.  I do have a student loan around $700 that I plan on paying off next month in full to get rid of it.  That’ll definately make the number spike up and help the interest rates out a little bit


Try 40 new recipes (28/40)

We’re entering into fall and winter baking season, meaning this list is going to spike in the next month.  I may actually finish it off by the end of the month, provided I get enough time in the kitchen (which I should).  This month I tried making hashbrowns, found a winning pumpkin waffle recipe and made asparagus shrimp risotto (made it again already too).


This update is pretty brief (apologies), but part of that is because this blog will be moving in the near future.  More on that later.





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