Hi, I’m Alexis and I’m a 27 year old Special Eduation teacher.  By most definitions I’m a geek/nerd (I use the two terms synonymously, which is probably taboo).  Regardless;

  • I grew up playing video games and still do to this day (I’m a JRPG, nintendo and retro gamer mostly)
  • I LOVE board games and co-lead a local group that continues to grow
  • I’m an avid fan of Marvel
  • I play Magic the Gathering (it comes and goes, usually it spikes around a new set release)
  • I adore Doctor Who (amongst other BBC shows)
  • Do books count?  I’m an avid reader bookworm


I also have debt, a good chunk of it.  I went to a private college for undergraduate and it’s time to pay up.  I started aggressively paying it off in November 2013.  This blog will chronicle not only my journey to being debt free, but also the balance I create between living life and tackling debt.  I plan on being debt in five years, by the time I’m 32 or November 2018.


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