November 2014 Goal Update

November was a pretty solid month, albeit one that I was barely at home.  During the final week in November, I was only home to sleep, for instance, and I was out of town every other weekend this month.  Despite this, I made headway on a couple goals, leaving me to finish off the remaining components this month.  I plan on staying put until Christmas break in 18 days, so that should help knock out my remaining goals.

Christmas tree. This is our dogs idea of the best Christmas Tree. All of her favorite foods. Lol

Read 100 books (88/100)

After finding out a book is defined as being over 43 pages, I’ve decided to count manga as part of my goal for the year.  Several other readers who set reading goals every year count thme as well.  Offhand I’ve read over 19, but I’m only counting the ones I’ve read in the last two months.  This brings my total up to 88.  Reading 12 books shouldn’t be a problem!


Pay off $10,000 of student loans ($8741.20/$10,000)

This is the only goal I’m concerned about, despite being in the $9,000 range.  I’ve worked very hard to pay extra every month, but when you’re on a teaching salary that’s less than $30,000 and live by yourself, it’s not easy to pay as much as others.  Hopefully this changes next year…


Try 40 new recipes (32/40)

It’s officially baking season and I plan on finishing this goal off in the next week or two.  In November I made Chocolate cream pie, a lentil loaf and baklava.


Beat 10 video games (9/10)

I’m around ten hours away from beating Persona 4 and I recently got Pokemon Alpha Sapphire.  Alpha Sapphire is currently eating all my time, but I plan on journeying back to the world of Persona 4 this weekend.  I have 3 weeks to beat it before I travel for the holidays (meaning no PS2 time).

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire's Hoenn Region Map.

Clothing goal

I did some minor clothes shopping in November and finally acquired a coat!  I plan on getting a few more things over break to finalize my wardrobe, then I’ll be on hiatus from buying until spring wear comes out.


Volunteer or donate to/for 10 causes (8/10)

With the Christmas season here, it’s easy to find causes that need help or donations.  I plan on contributing to a couple in the next month.  Next year, I would like to volunteer regularly somewhere, but with a move hopefully happening in the next few months, this goal may have to be postponed a bit longer.


I’m nearly there and I’ll be working extra hard this month to finally finish off my 2014 goals.  I’m working on a list for 2015 which follows my 101 goals to complete by 30.  I got this!


How was your November?


October 2014 goal update: I haven’t forgotten!

This post is coming a lot later than normal (it’s almost December Alexis), but it’s been a crazy month.  Things will be slowing down in the next month since I’ll be on vacation and I’ll have more to post at that time.  In the meantime, here’s another quick update.  I’m only updating the goals that I haven’t completed.

snowman wood craft Go Ahead & Craft (via pinterest)

Note:  I had to amend one goal because I’ve realized I set the bar too high.  I’m doing 10 crafts this year, not 20.


Read 100 books (63/100)

I read 6 books in the month of October which leaves me with another 37 to read in order to complete the goal.  Being that it’s almost the end of November, I’m kind of feeling unsure about this goal.  I’ve read another six this month which means I better start reading more if I want to meet this goal.  This is my fifth year trying to do it and by golly I will!

Persona 4 - sooo in love with this game :D (via pinterest)

Beat 10 video games (9/10)

I started playing Persona 4 again and at this moment I’m around 3/4ths of the way through.  I plan on beating it sometime in the next two weeks, though the fact I just got Pokemon Alpha Sapphire may make it take a little longer…


Complete 10 crafts (9/10)

I finished an Onigiri plush this month and started on my first plush doll.  Sadly I haven’t done any work on it in two weeks!  Books, friends, Persona 4 and life keep getting in the way.


Volunteer or donate for 10 causes (8/10)

Sadly I didn’t do much in the way of volunteering or donating this month.  I did make a donation to the local food pantry earlier in the month though.  However, with Christmas coming up I know I’ll be meeting my goal soon.

I want nothing more than to pay off my student loan debt so that I can live simply & travel extensively. (via pinterest)

Pay off $10,000 on debt principal   ($7,911.40/$10,000)

I’m slightly worried about this goal because as of now I’m still over a $1000 away from my goal.  I’ve done the most I can on my poor teaching salary and side hustles.

Clothing goal (replace and add)

I didn’t buy any clothes in October since I was trying to save money.  I’m planning on using some Christmas money and saved up money to finish this goal off either this month or next month.

Try 40 new recipes and update recipe book (30/40)

I’ll easily meet this goal come December.  I do most of my baking then and look forward to doing more cooking as well.


I will be posting my November update sometime early next week as I have another post coming related to goals and such.

September goal update

What a month it was.  I didn’t make as much progress on my goals as I would’ve liked to, but it’s a new month meaning it’s time to really buckle down on goals, especially as the end of the year draws near.  Since my goals are winding down, I’ll only be reporting on the ones still in progress.  You can view the complete list under “2014 goals”;


Read 100 books in a year (55/100)

Goodreads has let me know that I’m 21 books behind schedule.  That means this girl needs to read a good 45 books in order to meet her goal, which is a lot of books.  I love reading and do it as often as I can, but sometimes squeezing in a couple chapters is challenging.


Beat 10 video games (9/10)

I beat Pokemon X last month and completed a good chunk of sidequests.  I have lost some interest with it and currently I’m multitasking between Earthbound and The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past.  One of those games will be beat by the end of the year!


Complete 9 crafts

I’m sad to say I’ve barely given any love to this goal.  I can’t even remember the last time I worked on a craft…


Volunteer or donate to ten organizations and causes (other than church tithe) 7/10

I donated an item to a silent auction and raised a good bit of money for the organization.


Pay $10,000 off student loans

I was up to $6,645.40 as of September 30th and it’s since gone up a few hundred dollars.  I do have a student loan around $700 that I plan on paying off next month in full to get rid of it.  That’ll definately make the number spike up and help the interest rates out a little bit


Try 40 new recipes (28/40)

We’re entering into fall and winter baking season, meaning this list is going to spike in the next month.  I may actually finish it off by the end of the month, provided I get enough time in the kitchen (which I should).  This month I tried making hashbrowns, found a winning pumpkin waffle recipe and made asparagus shrimp risotto (made it again already too).


This update is pretty brief (apologies), but part of that is because this blog will be moving in the near future.  More on that later.




Goals Update for August

So true!!

Two weeks after not posting, I’m back for an update on my 2014 goals.  One of these days I’ll have a better posting schedule (goal idea for next year?).  Rambling aside, August was a great month AND as of today I was able to mark an entire goal off as completed.  I sold a bag of clothes this morning that Platos wouldn’t buy (“too old”) to a woman bringing the total number of things I’ve gotten rid of this year to 368.  We’ll count it done as of August for ease of recording.


Pay $10,000 off student loans

This month I was able to knock off $814 from principal bring the total paid for the year to  $5,945.66.  I still have a little ways to go in the next 4 months in order to meet my $10,000 mark, but with a rebate coming my way and some expected lower expenses, I know I’ll make it.


Beat ten video games  (8/10)

I finally beat Final Fantasy IV: The After Years after trudging through 27 end game bosses.  It was a massive pain.  Getting a 3DS earlier this month gave me motivation and I beat it after playing it as much as possible after school.  Now I get to enjoy Pokémon X.

Change jar goal -COMPLETED

I was able to completely fill it this month!  I got $247 and some change.  Most of which went into checking, but I put a good chunk into my retirement savings.

Earn extra income $1900

I’ve already met my $1500 goal, but this month was a HUGE leap.  I earned $400 in extra income bringing my total to over $1900 for the year already.  My writing and sales income has spiked and I hope this continues!

Read 100 books in a year (47/100)

I read 6 books this month, bringing the total for the year to 47.  I really need to get working on this goal.  Otherwise, like the last 5 years, I’ll be just mere books short of my 100 book goal.

Donate to 10 causes

I made one contribution to a charity plus tithes at church.  I’ve contributed to a total 6 charities this year.

Try 40 new recipes

I tried 2 new recipes in August for chocolate buttermilk cupcakes and Asparagus & Mushroom quiche.  Both turned out really well!  I’ve tried 24 new recipes this year.

Complete 20 crafts

I have ideas…but I didn’t complete ANY crafts this month.  It’s sad, but since the weather is getting cooler, I’ll probably be doing more in the coming months!


In terms of my other goals, they’re in progress or done!  I’m very pleased with my goals so far and it looks like I’m winding down on almost all my goals.  I do need to concentrate more on reading now…which I’ve been doing.  It just gets hard to find the time some days even though I could happily read for hours.

I'm a Black belt in the sport of extreme reading.

September is here meaning all things pumpkin are afoot, the school year is in full swing and there’ll be lots of fun things in store in the coming months!  I’m hoping we get fall weather soon AND it doesn’t get cold for a long time!  I dislike cold…



2014 goals: July Update

Quote of the Week (B&W) $5- 36 full page quotes to use in your classroom. Teach your students about friendship, courage, being unique, and not giving up. Lead discussions about the quotes or have your students reflect on the meaning and write. So many ways to use these quotes!

August break! Nine days of not working, plus a couple days of staff days lay ahead of me for the first two weeks of August.  My school is year round and we have a week off in between now and the staff days leading up to the 2014-2015 school year.  In the past we had two weeks, but due to snow, we only got one week off, tis a shame.

Since I’ll be heading out on break without internet, I wanted to do a quick update on my 2014 goals for July.

Earn $1500 in extra income  ($1463/1500)

Writing amounted to only $51.50 this month because my company is now processing checks between 20-30 days instead of what used to be 15 days (or less).  On a positive note, I’m getting more business and can expect a big check next month!  My sales were good this month though, netting me $119 and next month I already have at least one big sale scheduled!

Pay off $10,000 in student loan debt   ($5196.03/$10,000)


Over halfway there, but its August, meaning I need to get myself in gear.  Luckily, I realized a mistake I was making with my WellsFargo loan…I’ve only been paying my payments due in the future, not the actual principal.  Oy.  I’ll be writing checks with the words “towards principal” for the next seven months since that’s how far ahead I am.  Geez…I feel dumb.

Read 100 Books (41/100)

I need to read more, even though I did read 8 books this month, I’m still pretty behind.

Beat 10 video games (7/10)

I FINALLY beat Super Mario World and I gave the secret levels a start already.  I’m still making my way through FFIV: The After Years and found out I’m still a good ways away from being done.  Maybe in August I’ll beat it.

Complete 20 crafts (9/20)

Thanks to my mom and I’s craft day, I finished two this month.

Donate or volunteer for 10 causes (6/10)

I made two donations to the African American Cultural Festival this month plus my tithe to my church.

Get rid of 365 things (261/365)

I only got rid of 28 things, but next month should be better since I have a couple sales lined up and a trip to goodwill in order.


Have a great weekend and week ahead everyone!  I’ll have a new post once I come back from vacation!

Mid-Year Goal Reflections

We’re over halfway through 2014, yikes!  It doesn’t seem that out there for me as I’m already working on IEP’s, school curriculum and documents that are for the year 2014-2015.  I’ve even had my school calendar for 2014-2015 for a month.  The 2014-2015 school year is starting in a little over a month (I teach summer school, but my school is year round, so its a little different).  As I look at my goals, I find myself reflecting on not only how far I’ve come, but how far I have to go on some goals.  I even finished one goal already, hurray!  By the end of the month I may have another goal completed too.  Let’s review:

Dreams + Determination = Success :) #quotes #inspiration

Goal: Earn $1500 in extra income (sales and writing)

I’m a little over $100 away from finishing this goal and I anticipate possibly finishing it this month!

 Goal: Pay off $10,000 of student loans

I’m just under $5,000 and with only 6 months to go, I’ll be bumping up the payments.  I want to pay more, but I only make so much.  I did get a raise last month though!

Crafts, Video Games and Reading

I’m progressing at a good rate on all 3 and I know that by August I’ll be around 3/4 of the way through all 3.


I’m doing pretty well with this goal and I’m around 100 items away from completing it.  Once I have a couple more sales, take books to the used bookstore and sell some old clothes, this goal will be done!


I’m embarrassed by this one because I’m only halfway through.  I did specify charities and while I do help out with a lot of odds and ends, I’m not really expanding as much as I’d like to with this one.  There’s so much I can do, I’m not utilizing it…

Wardrobe goal

I have a vacation week coming up the first week of August and I plan on taking one day to go to the city and get a new wardrobe and thereby get rid of a lot of worn out things in my closet.  Heaven knows I need to.

Recycling/Traveling/Bear Bank

They’re all works in progress, though the traveling one does need more progress!


I’ve been busy in my kitchen throughout the year and I’m excited to try even more things in the future.  Over halfway done with this one!


In July I plan on working more on all my goals and hopefully checking another goal off my list!  I think I might actually meet some by the end of the summer, meaning I can focus more on my harder/more intensive goals.  The debt repayment one is the one I want to focus on the most, but its probably the hardest goal (due to restraint of funds).  Where there’s a will, there’s a way though!

May 2014 Goal Update

Very Hungry Caterpillar art project for butterfly garden

We’re already in the month of June!  How is that possible?  May was a good month and I got a new car!  I’m so glad I made the decision to get a new car.  No complaints about the month of May and I bet June will be just as good!  I’m doing this update a little bit differently to make it easier to read.


Earn $1500 in extra income (year)

April earnings: $238.30

Total: $930.11


Read 100 books in a year

I read 7 books in may for a total of 28 books read for the year.  According to goodreads, I’m 11 books behind though!


Beat 10 video games

I beat two video games in May, “The Early Years: The Three Kings” and “Dragon Warrior 2”.  This brings the total number of games that I’ve beaten up to four.


Complete 20 crafts

I only finished one craft, a twilight sparkle magnet, last month.  It brings the total number I’ve done up to six.  In June, I hope to increase that number as I do projects for my bathroom!


 Volunteer or donate to 10 causes

This past month I didn’t do any volunteer work or donate beyond putting money in the offering plate 😦


Pay off $10,000 on debt principal

($2743.90 /$10,000) I paid over $500 towards my principal and hope to pay off more in the coming month.


Cavity fixed

Check!  My cavity was filled and I’m done with this goal for the year!


Get rid of 365 things

In May I got rid of 32 things (through sales and donations) bringing the total number of things I’ve gotten rid of this year to 208.


Clothing goal

I didn’t buy a single article of clothing in May.  That’s got to be a first for me!



I only got around to taking my recycling once this month because I was so busy. It would’ve been two, but I went yesterday and they were closed because the guy never showed up.



Well, I did go to a restaurant about thirty minutes away with a friend and drove to visit family and friends back home one weekend.  My car was on its last legs most of the month, prompting me to get my new car, which is why I stayed in town.  June is going to be my big travel month though.


Make 40 new recipes

I did some baking and cooking this month and made 6 new recipes.  This included blueberry buttermilk scones and a new type of chocolate chip cookie.  Two recipes didn’t work out so well, but I’ve made 18 of my 40 for the year so far!


Filling my bear bank

I contributed money every week this month and its definitely getting even heavier.  I didn’t think that was even possible since the thing weighs over 40lbs now.


Get out there more

I was more of an extrovert this month and made a new friend or two in the process.  I still should go out and do more, but sometimes its nice to just be an introvert 😉