January 2014 Goal Update

January has passed and it’s time for a goal update.  I did fairly well with all my goals this month and I hope to do even better this coming month.  I don’t have any big things planned for the rest of the month(next month will be the polar opposite of that), but it should hopefully start to show more warm weather (or give us snow days??)  We’ve only had one snow here, oddly(I swear there’s a bubble), so I would like one more snowstom before it starts to warm up.  Anyways, onto my goal progress review!



1.Earn $1500 in extra income (year)   –$245.89

Total for the year: $245.89

I did pretty good this month on my extra earning goal!  I had a number of successful sales!  Freelancing was decent, but I really want to do more in February.


2. Pay off $10,000 on debt principal   –$518.76/$10,000

Not nearly want I would ideally like to have taken off my debt, but you win some you lose some.  With a broken car and unexpected things, this didn’t get enough focus.  Now that I have a ‘low’ as far as principal taken off in a month, I’ll be shooting higher than the previous month every month this year.


3.Fill bear bank and take to the bank

I’ve been adding a handful of change to my jar every week, which is adding up. I used a flashlight to check how full it is currently and saw that I had another 4-5 inches of free space before it’ll be full.  I’ll keep adding coins!


Hobby related

1.. Read 100 books in a year

Clash of Kings by George R.R Martin

Teen Scene: 1001 tips for teens

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Bashares

Doctor Who: Winner Takes All by Jacqueline Rayner

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkein

With the Light Vol.6 by Keiko Tobe

Total read: 6

I didn’t do as much reading as I should’ve.  Game of Thrones books tend to take me the entire week.


2. Beat 10 video games -1/10

Sly Cooper 3: Honor Among Thieves

I beat one game!  Sly Cooper 3 has been on my backlog as a game I got halfway through before putting down (for whatever reason).  I’m undecided on what game to play next.


3. Complete 20 crafts -2/20

Chrono magnet

N magnet

I’m in a bit of a crafting rut at the moment.  I did finish two crafts and started on two others, but I haven’t been motivated to really do much.  I’m debating a new area to do crafts in, but until something really grabs me, I’m in a rut.



1. Volunteer or donate for 10 causes

Library (regular volunteer)

I kind of slacked off this month with my weekly volunteer ‘job’ at the library due to a broken car and life getting in the way.  I need to find more causes to help out with this month!


2. Cavity fixed

No progress here, but I have my bi-annual cleaning in February, so I’ll schedule my cavity getting fixed then.


3. Get rid of 365 things

January (40/30)

Total:  40/365

I put in extra focus on this goal this month.  I have things gone (but 5 more posessions), but as the weather warms and I start spring cleaning and make more sales, this number should jump!


4. Recycling goal-Yesish

This is a harder goal to track due to its open-endedness.  I have been collecting more things to recycle, but I haven’t made my way over to the recycling center yet. I plan on making a big trip to one nearby this coming week though. I also ‘educated’ myself on things that can be recycled that you wouldn’t have expected such as vacuumsand crayons.


5.Get out there more

I was told something interesting this month.  I had someone tell me I was outgoing (haha).  I’m not painfully shy or anything, but I’m moreso average in terms of outgoingness level.  I am outgoing at work, but shy until I get to know someone (most people are?)  I’m an introvert.  I love people, but I need time away from people.  That being said, I made an extra effort to get out there more this month and get outside my comfort zone.  I went to a German meet-up (my first meet-up!!) went to some parties and did the usual outs with friends. 


1. Clothing goal (replace and add!)

  • Find a good coat
  • New black canvas shoes
  • New sandals
  • Swimsuit
  • Dark brown boots
  • Rainboots

I think this is the first month in a long time that I DIDN’T buy any new clothes!  All part of my new budget though.  I do plan on giving myself a shopping trip as a birthday gift in March. 

2.Travel/event goal

  • Sakura festival
  • Out of town trip
  • Attend a convention

I didn’t do any actual traveling this month (unless visiting friends out of town counts?)  Oh well, I have things in the next few months and summer to make up for it!

12. Try 40 new recipes and update recipe book


Flax seed pancakes

Carrot Cake bread

Gumbo (vegetarian)

Cookie dough brownies

January total: 5

Not a whole lot of cooking and baking this month, but I did sample a couple new recipes.


How did everyone do on their goals in January?


2 thoughts on “January 2014 Goal Update

  1. Cookie dough brownies sound amazing! Please let us know how they turn out. I think you did great on your side hustle goal. You’re easily going to break the $1500 mark way before the end of the year. I didn’t make any formal January goals, but I did make a yearlong goal of flossing everyday, so far so good 😉

    • They turned out really well! If you want the recipe, I got it from browneyedbaker.com I’m hoping to break the $1500 mark sooner too. Hopefully freelancing and online sales pick up 🙂

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