Minimalizing Stuff

One of my goals for this year is to get rid of 365 things, one for each day of the year.  I do this because I have a pile of, literally, over 100 books and a ton of other things sitting in my bedroom, waiting to be sold.  Not only that, I’ve often felt I have too much stuff.  It’s not all junk or me being a hoarder either.  However, I do have too much stuff and stuff is stuff, so some things must go (sorry for all the stuff uses in that sentence).  Ideally, I’ll be getting rid of a lot of stuff through sales (which have gone fairly well this month) and other things will be recycled or given away.

Marrakesh, Morocco: minimalist bedroom.

This morning I got rid of 31 things by taking a bag to goodwill.  The bag was full of things like books I couldn’t sell to the used bookstore, old CD’s not worth the hassle of selling and older clothes. It was a huge relief!  Now I’m anxious to get a couple more things together to sell and get rid of in the near future.  I’m also on the fence about making a list of things I do buy and saying that I have to get rid of an extra thing to make up for it.  It’d be a fun rule to have and keep me on track.  So far, my rules for this goal are;

  • Things that count:  books, movies, clothes, knick knacks
  • Things that don’t count: things that will be used up, things that get recycled (i.e. boxes)
  • Items thrown away do NOT count
  • I will go through one room a month and de-clutter everything that I have in it starting in February.  I plan on tackling my bedroom first
  • Items with important sentimental value stay as well as things I want or use stay.  Things like a newspaper article from college don’t.
  • Organize after de-cluttering


Hopefully this goal does well and I get rid of a lot of ‘stuff’.  I feel that too much stuff clouds the soul and makes one too materialistic.  I don’t think I’ll ever be a pure minimalist, but I do recognize my stuff as stuff and I don’t really affix an emotional value on many things except gifts or handmade items.


Do you ever try to minimize your possessions by donations or sales? 


2 thoughts on “Minimalizing Stuff

  1. I agree. As you say, “too much stuff clouds the soul” – it feels uplifting after you’ve cleared up unwanted/unnecessary things. I especially love donating my old clothes to a local charity.

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