Snow days are for crafts

The east coast was hit with another big snowstorm and this time around, we actually got it!  With the last couple of snows, the storm has went around us and we’ve only gotten one 3 inch storm so far.  This time around, we got almost a foot and a half, meaning two days off from school (we were calling it Wednesday!)  It did warm up a bit yesterday, so the snow did melt a little and my road was cleared.  The main roads are fine for the most part, but driving around is tricky in places since you can only pile up so much snow when there’s a 1 1/2 feet of it.


I kept to my words on Wednesday about spending all day Thursday doing crafts.  I managed to finish the above Adipose (Doctor Who) and I finished a Magnus (Chrono Trigger) magnet.  Yesterday I spent the day going through things (de-cluttering time) and doing some general cleaning around the house.  I made it out in the early evening to do a few errands and got a giant bag of stuffing and bead eyes to finish my Adipose.  I plan on starting a new project this evening-a felt TARDIS for a quiet book and then I’ll attempt to do a non-geeky craft.


In student loan land, I haven’t been doing as well as I’d have liked this month paying extra.  With my car in the shop last month and my heating bill uncomfortably high, I’ve found myself with less extra income.  I have spent the last two days doing extra freelance work and earned a couple extra bucks, but my online sales have been down this month.  I did sell some movies last week, but since then I’ve gotten low ballers and non-local craigslist buyers.  I post on Craigslist to avoid shipping costs, but I use another website to do online sales (not ebay).  Sales have been down there too, possibly because people have less money with heating so high everywhere.

Coriolanus♥! I cant wait until Feb 1!!!!!

In happier news, I’m making excellent progress on my 2014 goals!  It’s exciting to see them getting closer to completion.  Tomorrow a friend and I are going to a Ramen shop nearby and afterwards seeing Coriolanus at the local theater.  We’re both huge Tom Hiddleston fans and we’ve been counting down the days for the last two weeks!  It’s gotten pretty glowing reviews and it has Tom Hiddleston, so how could it be bad?  Speaking of, did anyone see the amazing British villain jaguar commercial?


How is your weekend going so far?  Any fun plans?


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