Waiting on a paycheck…from freelancing

I’ve mentioned before that I do freelance writing and have been using the same website for over a year.  Writers can cashout after $50 has been earned (we get a percentage of what the website itself earns, 40-50%).  I’ve never had any issues with cashing out or getting my check (within 3-4 days, but it’s been over a week and I haven’t gotten my paycheck.  The last one took a week and this one is at 8 days, which makes me nervous.  I emailed them asking what was going on and got an automated email.  I sent a second one and got no response.  A few other members have said that their checks took 12 days, but it still makes me uncertain.  I rely on freelancing a lot and losing out hurts, especially since it’s money I worked hard for.  Hopefully it comes soon.

This is so HILARIOUS and true. no money, no phone, no food, no gas, no life till monday. this sucks


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