Last full week of April spiel


April has not been a good month when it comes to finances.  My earnings through sales have been very low (almost non-existant) and my freelancing has taken a hit due to the fact I’ve been so busy and was on vacation for the first week of April.  Combine that with my car being in the shop and a dentist trip and my budget has looked better.  There are still eight days left in the month, so hopefully I can focus more on freelancing and make a couple more successful sales.  I’m currently contemplating if I want to go to a festival this weekend too since it’ll be a three hour drive and I’ve already broken my fuel budget (doubled!) this month.


Finances aside, I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching this month since I spent every weekend back home and the first full week back in my hometown.  It may just be another round of 20-something “I want to do everything” but part of my feels that God is trying to tell me something.  We’ll just see what this summer brings.  Despite overspending this month, it’s been a really good month, but I’m happy to see that May will involve less driving (especially with my old car!)  My favorite parts of the month so far have been;

-Seeing family and friends (several times!)

-Matsuri festival in DC

-Traveling around DC


May is shaping up to be a great month and it looks like it’ll be less chaotic than April was.  June will pick things back up again since I already have at least two trips happening.  Maybe it’ll mean more progress on paying off debt and checking off things on my 2014 goals!


Dragon Warrior II

Currently playing: Dragon Quest II

Currently reading: Rebel: A Tibetan Odyssey

Currently Watching: Doctor Who

Currently Loving: Dresses and spring apparel, Marvel, Dragon Quest II, Personality assessments and researching endangered animals







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