My Last $100

No, no no, I’m not broke!

money origami shoe

I saw a post over on Baragain Babe about your last $100.  I checked it out and stumbled across billfold.  As someone with student loans, good spending is particularly important to me.  I’m paying them off (it feels so slow even with all the extra payments) and I’m always looking for more money saving tips.  I found a few other blogs that listed their last $100 in spendings and its interesting to see the contrast of how people spend their money.  It’s also a challenge that can prove to be eye-opening.

Payday -

For mine, I’m excluding my student loan payment because it was high (I paid a lot extra this month) and would prefer not to include it.  That being said, this does put things in perspective as far as spending;

-$17.63 (Whole Foods)

-$15.00 (Gas at Kroger)

-$11.79 (Trader Joes)

-$11.71 (Kroger-groceries)

-$3.77 (Latte at local coffee shop)

-$15.51 (Gas at Kroger)

-$13.43 (Dinner at Thai place)

-$4.21 (Green Valley Bookfair)

-$29.79 (various Christmas gifts) (over $100)


Review:  My spending’s were pretty broken down.  Most of my expenses went towards my grocery shopping this week, part to gas for my car and some leftovers went towards Christmas gifts with the last entry at Target putting me over my $100.  I typically have one bigger shopping trip once a month to restock on non-produce items like baking or cooking ingredients (which was this past month).  My only ‘extra/non-essential purchases’ were going to a Thai place with friends and the Green Valley Bookfair.  I got 3 books to give as gifts and the target expense was also related to gifts.


Speaking of money…

Bahaha! Love Animal Crossing <3  I wish it worked this way in the real world.

I’m STILL paying off my debt to Tom Nook.  I’ve had the game for ten years and I’ve only managed to get my debt down to 600,000.  I’m determined to beat it and pay off the debt-I DID manage to pay 90,000 bells last weekend.  I also ran into a neighbor I hadn’t talked to in 82 Months (6.8 years) and got a snippet that if I did it again I might be forgotten.  Oops *runs away to catch a migratory locust).  It feels too familiar to my student loans, though they’re nowhere near anything like my Animal Crossing debt.  Maybe in the next month I’ll finally get my Animal Crossing debt gone for good!  My goal is 100,000 a week for the next month (10,000 more to go tomorrow!)


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