Have your Dessert: The End of Deferrment

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I keep weekly tabs on my student loans and got a notice in the mail last week about one of my loans that is in defferment (I took classes in the spring).  I assumed it would be setting a time when my loans would come out of deferment, but I was wrong.  It was an actual bill, without a heads up.  I had been preparing, but since they weren’t supposed to start until January, I hadn’t enacted my new budget yet.  I mean, I just renewed my lease.  Lo and Behold the other loan I have came out of deferrment as well.  I’ve been paying extra here and there  when I can (the third I’ve been paying an extra chunk of money on monthly for over a year now), but it is what it is.  Good thing my Christmas shopping is over half way done.


All that said, ill be doing my tight budget come November 1st.  Not to say I haven’t been fairly aggressive paying off my one loan and the others here and there since they’re not collecting interest, but now its real.  I’ve set up a five year repayment plan (for myself) and made a chart for every loan with milestone rewards.   Get down to $2,000 on this loan, you can buy Munchkin, for instance.  I won’t be making any fun buys unless its necessity or using Christmas/gift money.  I’ve always been a frugal spender, but it’ll be maximized once I start truly paying in November.  I’ve already had a couple come in and I’ve paid a decent bit extra, so I think I’m on the right track!


Financial meanderings aside, lets talk dessert, specifically this;

The pie I want to be buried with… Clean, unprocessed chocolate peanut butter pie

I’ve entered a Bake-off contest for this Friday.  There’ll be around 10 contestants participating in baking different things.  I’ve made my decision on what to make (think in the realm of the above Peanut butter chocolate pie, only with something more!)  Last time I did a baking contest it was a coop competition with the others teachers in my grade level.  We won (see the cake in my banner, that’s the one that one; “That One Cake” by “That One Classroom”.  It was pretty amazing 😉  Not planning on winning this contest, but I’ve shot the idea off in secret with a couple friends who’ve liked my idea.  It takes two days to make though, so once I get done volunteering at the library tomorrow I’ll be running home to finish step 2 (tonight I have to start!)


Kind of bummy about my student loans coming due early, but it means they’ll get paid off quicker.  Plus I’m ready to take them out!

Think happy thoughts!


2 thoughts on “Have your Dessert: The End of Deferrment

  1. I know all about the student loan “ghost” 😉 Sorry to hear your loans are coming due sooner than you thought, but it sounds like you have a good plan to pay them down aggressively. Good luck with the baking competition. That pie looks delicious!

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