Doctor Who?


Doctor Who was a show that I heard bits and pieces about during my last two years of college.  I wasn’t a fan if sci-fi shows and never gave it a try.  When I discovered pinterest about a year ago, I noticed a lot of Doctor Who pins popping up in the geek section.  I even pinned the love story of Doctor Who and Rose because it appealed to be even though I had never seen the show.  It wasn’t until three months ago, after I had grown tired of movies on netflix and wanted a new show I decided to give Doctor Who a try.  I’ve never been one to just sit and watch-I was doing plastic canvas and sewing (some of the projects you’ve seen were made while watching Doctor Who).

Christopher Eccleston & Billie Piper

I decided to start with series 1 (the reboot) with Christopher Eccelston and enjoyed it.  It was really quirky to me and I liked the first episode enough to watch the second one.  After that, I didn’t have time to sit down and watch an episode for around a month, but over August break two weeks ago, I found some time and watched the third episode.  I was uncertain on the series, but a friend told me to try another one (and I did feel the desire to keep watching,I just wasn’t into it, yet).  By the fourth episode I had fallen for Doctor Who and managed to find time to finish the first season by the second week (of two) in my break.  By the second to last day I had finished the second season.  I ended up not watching another episode for a few days to recover from the season finale of season 2 (that’s another story!)  I did make my way through season 3 and currently I’m on season 4.



This Doctor Who quote really speaks to you. | 20 Ways You Know You Are An Optimist

As I make my way through the fourth season and last one with David Tennant, I realize just how much of a draw the show has.  It’s been around for 50 years now (50th anniversary on November 23rd!) and for a reason.  It’s almost a cult to some, offering something very new and different for a lot of people.  The characters and scenarios feel very real and while I remind myself its just a show, there are certainly some who argue in ways its something more.  It’s also one of those brilliant shows where you have to stop before hitting the next button to process what just transpired in an episode or because something happened to make you think more deeply about the show in general.  After the finale of season 2, I actually went on a long walk to mentally recover and couldn’t watch it again for a while.  It’s sad a show had that impact on me, but that’s Doctor Who for you.


While I haven’t seen any of the older episodes (pre-reboot), I do plan on at least watching a view to see what I think.  I’ve been warned away from some of the original episodes (boringness), but that’s for another day.  I still have 3 seasons to watch before the 8th season and 50th anniversary.  I haven’t decided on a favorite doctor because I’ve only seen Doctor 9 & 10 (Matt Smith, I’ll be seeing you soon!) but I’m not sure I have a favorite ‘regeneration’ of the Doctor.  I love them both for different reasons, though I have watched an unhealthy about of Youtube videos with David Tennant.

Doctor Who- Hello Doctor & Rose

As for companions, that’s easy-Rose.  I know some people hate her and are quick to say she’s stupid, self-absorbed etc.  but I didn’t see it personally.  I thought she was normal and the chemistry between her and the Doctor was perfect.  Martha Jones on the other hand, annoyed me to death, though she was very smart.  Donna, I haven’t seen enough to give a fair call, but so far I find her obnoxious.  I liked Jack quite a bit and Mickey grew on me in season 2 after he let Rose go.  I do wish Astrid had been a companion because had things gone differently, she would have been a great companion.


I’m completely addicted to the show now and I’ve done the necessary Fan things-made a Doctor Who pinterest board, made a Doctor Who craft (see above) and even bought a Doctor Who shirt.  I even had to add a few things to my wishlist on amazon related to Doctor Who because I love it THAT much.  It’s rare for a show to have this effect on me, but again, that’s the power of Doctor Who.  Luckily there are a ton of things out there for fans (there’s even a store in London!) so I doubt my Doctor Who obsession will be ending soon!


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