Are you ever too old for some hobbies?


:::Craft Update:::


I finished a friends birthday gift-a Zelda tissue box!




wise old owl ... @Hannah Gielczyk is a fan :)

At the age of 4, my mom brought me back the original Gameboy with Dr. Mario after her and my aunts went on a trip.  I remember quickly being able to play the game, but feeling the frustration of harder levels.  It was my first experience in playing video games.  I got a Super Nintendo at the age of 8, discovered how much I loved Japan and its culture/media around the age of 14, got into Magic the Gathering at 21 and the list goes on.  I enjoy what others would call ‘nerdy’ hobbies, but they’re by no mean my only hobbies.  I enjoy sports (swimming, tennis, soccer), cooking/baking, decorating/DIY, history etc.  Still, as this break has proved, I love relaxing by watching Dr. Who amidst making crafts and being a flat out nerd.  Or point blank, I enjoy being a nerd.


“Will I always be into the things I am now?” my mind thought the other day.  A lot of my hobbies have remained with me for several years.  I’ve been a gamer for 20 years, enjoyed reading since I was a baby, enjoyed baking and cooking for as long as I can remember, played MTG and board games for several years-so odds are I’ll still have the same interests several years from now.  A few interests have died over the years (like manga and anime), but my interests have only diversified and grown as I’ve moved through my teens and into my early twenties.  But, what will I be doing 5 years from now, 10 years from now?  I’m in the typical ‘age of self discovery’ (which really for many extends into your 30s).  People go through a lot of life changes-career, family, marriage, and travel which mold them in ways they don’t expect.


There’s no possible way to know what you’ll be doing in five years or even in the next year.  I often think back to a year ago and wonder “Did I think I’d be moving to city?  Or no longer close friends with this person? Or leave the church that treated me wrongly?”  Not really-which makes me wonder what changes will happen in the next year.  I do hope I’m still the nerd at heart I have always been because in ways its become part of my identity, albeit a small part.  Everything you enjoy or dislike will change you in some way.


I can't really say that Cosmic Encounter inspired any specific game I've developed in my career, but shurely inspired me in the decision to be a game designer. On my opinion, one of the most original game concept ever and the game I've played more times in my life. I really wish I had designed it. (Great board game from the 1970s-Cosmic Encounter)

What age range are the gamers, board gamers, readers etc you know?  I know a lot of people up through their 40s into ‘nerdy hobbies’.  After the age of 40, that number seems to decrease a lot.  I know a few people in their 50s and beyond that they’re few and far between.  It’s one of the fears that comes with age-will I still be able to enjoy what I love without being viewed as odd?  Would it be weird to be a 40 year old woman going to comic con or show up at a Magic the Gathering tournament pre-release?  Some hobbies may need to take a backseat as I get older, for appearance sake.


On the other hand, the nerd is aging.  Nerdy hobbies that didn’t exist until 30 years ago has remained with many die-hards and casuals. Individuals in their 50s didn’t have things we did growing up, so that may be where the age gap begins.  Ideally, if we still enjoy our hobbies in our 50s, there will be more in our age bracket who have kept in touch with their geeky side and we’ll find common folk.  Its not to say that when life changes happen they won’t be put on the back burner, but people often rediscover things they love.  I know I have moments where years later I rediscover a show I loved and wonder why its taken me so long to rediscover.  Why should MTG, games, Dr. Who etc be any different?  A lot of things now adays get reboots, which gives evidence to this argument.

 Dr Who- i would go anywhere (Dr. Who had a reboot in 2005 and continues to the present.  It originally ran from 1963-1989).

Without being anymore long winded, I hope that I continue to enjoy the hobbies I enjoy today.  I’m sure I’ll pick up new ones along the way and maybe I will discard some, but there will always be things you always enjoy.  I just wish my youth lasted longer because it just won’t be the same to be a 30 year old fan of Dr. Who as it is at 25.



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