June 2013 Goal Update!

We’re officially over halway through 2013 so its a good time to do an overview of my goal progress.  I’m making great headway on some, others not so much.

1-Earn $500 online


Total: $129


2-Health/Beauty goals

-Cavity filled, tan


3-Buy 80 new wardrobe pieces

New wardrobe pieces: 5

Total for year: 36


4-Watch 70 new movies

Sherlock Holmes: A game of Shadows

Finding Mr. Destiny

A Perfect Match

Sayonara Itsuka

Warm Bodies

Bleach: The Hell Verse

Bleach: Fade to Black, I hear your voice

Man of Steel

Shotgun Love

Sophie’s Revenge

My Scary Girlfriend

Arceus and the Jewel of Life

June: 12

Total for year: 59


5-Everything out of my Parents House

I thought I had gotten everything until my grandmother informed me she had stuff at her house


6-Read 100 books in a Year

Gone with the Wind

June: 1

Total for year: 17


7-Volunter or donate to 25 different causes/organizations

-Regularly volunteering for the library

Total for year: 4


8-Keep Budget all year






June: Successful


9-Try 30 new recipes

Carrot Cake Cupcakes

Eggplant Lasanga

Raspberry Turnovers

Chickpea Salad

June:  4

Total for year: 18


10-Make at least 20 crafts

Marvel Tissue Box

June: 1

Total for year: 7


11-Townhouse Goals

Did a pretty through cleaning of my townhouse this month?  Organized a good bit of stuff, moved furniture


12-Beat 15 video games

Total: 3


13. Student Loans

Paid off my monthly dues and had my computer and car not broken down I’d have paid even more extra


14. Living Life to the fullest

I did a LOT this month including taking a vacation to baltimore, going to an amusement park, playing a lot of board games and just having a great time 🙂


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