Pokemon White 2 After Thoughts

I somehow got on a Pokemon kick in the past week and I picked up Pokemon White 2 to finally beat.  I got it back in February and I ended up putting it down for one reason or another and just picked it up again.  I didn’t realize I was so close to the end until I picked it up on Thursday and I defeated the Elite 4 and the Champion without any problems.  It felt too easy compared to the first game when you face team Plasma and N (who reigns as my personal favorite Pokemon character).  Somehow the sequel seemed easier even with Pokemon that weren’t powered above level 60.


The game never ends there and as was the case with previous games that every new generation has expanded on is the amount of things to do after the game has ended.  There are hundreds more Pokemon to collect, gym leaders to rebattle (you can even face Kanto, Jhoto and Shinnoh gym leaders!), mini games, events, there are also new areas to explore that were previously cut off and the list goes on.

It’s safe to say while the meat of the game is up becoming the greatest trainer and beat the Elite 4, it doesn’t even make up half of the game.  This is one of the things I love the most about the Pokemon series.

It’s almost overwhelming at how much additional content is in the games.  In fact, my only two qualms are with Pokemon availability and acquisition.  When I read through which Pokemon were unobtainable in Pokemon White/Black 2 my heart sank.  I prefer the older Pokemon and while I know the creators wanted a fresher start and not to include any many older Pokemon, it seems a disservice.  I wish more Pokemon were available, if only through in game trades.

(If only)

I dream of the day when I could capture a Houndour or Lapras early on to raise instead of having to trade it through another game.  My at home internet is finicky, so if I want to do Dreamworld I have to go to a public set-up to connect.  Actually trying to connect my DS to internet in general has always been a fustration.  The old soul in me wishes players who didn’t want to connect to the internet for every single thing had the same opportunities.  Then again, it might be too much for the DS to handle.

Pokemon Black/White introduced my favorite Pokemon character to date, N or also known by his full name, Natural Harmonia Gropius (What a name).  Fangirl in me aside, he’s the anti-hero we all love.  He has a tragic back story, a good argument and has a powerful balance of kindness, confidence and strength that can only be surmised as ‘cool’.   He makes a less prominent role in Pokemon BW2, but he does make an appearance.


Pokemon white photo:  Pokemon_Black_White.jpg

Overall with Pokemon BW/2, I felt the creators were working harder to make a more involved game with deeper characters and more story.  I enjoyed the story more this go around than I have in any of the games since the original Pokemon games, even then its for nostalgic reasons.  The character designs and Pokemon sprites improve with every new generation and while this generation of Pokemon was my lease favorite, there were a few I did like.  I loved the game and wanted to keep playing long after beating it.  I enjoyed the original better than the sequel, but its still a great addition to the series.  It’s not perfect, but it’s still as addictive as ever.


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