Playing, Crafting, Baking, Watching, Reading

Happy news #1-I’ve updated my 101 in 1001 days list!  I’m making good progress on it and with the coming weeks, I plan on crossing off a couple more.  I will be honest, some goals I think I may have set to high, but I set them so they must be done (though if I can’t get to Harry Potter world, I’ll make an ammendment to that).  I have a lot of goals that are in progress too such as Making 100 new recipes, watching 80 new movies, volunteering for 25 causes etc, so its nice to see the progress I make every week or two on those.


101 goals list aside, I have been focusing on a lot of hobbies when I’m not working.  I did start volunteering at the local library a few weeks ago, started a very sucessful board game club (which has spread throughout the school).  I can’t express my joy at finding out how many teachers are into board games, especially ones like Settlers, Ticket to Ride etc!  It’s awesome after feeling like, for a year, I only had a few friends, who lived elsewhere, that enjoyed board games.  I’m even learning quite a few are video gamers-its awesome 🙂


Nerdy excitement aside, I wanted to do a quick update on what I’m reading, watching etc.  Does anyone remember that from Myspace or Xanga?  I never got into myspace personally, but I always enjoyed it on xanga.  I know a few other bloggers who do the same, so here’s mine in tribute to my first laid back weekend in a while!


Reading: Gone with the Wind (pg. 210)


Gaming/Playing: The Jungle Book, Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lion

Crafting: Avengers Tissue box (using the pattern from this guys awesome lite brite pattern)

Watching: Nothing big really since I finished The Big Bang Theory season 5 and CBS took down the season 6 episodes (grr).  I started Mary and Max last night and its a movie I’ll be watching in bits and pieces.  You have to be in the right mind set for a dark and depressing movie like this.

Baking: A coworkers birthday is next week, so me and another coworker are baking her something chocolate and peanut butter.  I’m vouching for my delicious chocolate peanut butter pie!


What are you baking, playing, crafting, watching or reading?


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