Star Trek: Into Darkness (goal completion!)

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Despite my serious contemplation, I didn’t go Tuesday night/Wednesday morning to see the new Star Trek.  I waited until last night after counting down for months and it was worth it!   I ordered my ticket ahead of time, fearing the lines and got there almost an hour early.  Luckily (?) no one was there, so I snagged a spot and got to sit in one of the best seats (imo) in the theater.  It was at the new Imax theater built 5 months ago and it was a nice theater, but not my favorite.  That award goes to The Alamo in Wincheter, VA.


I also completed a goal in going to see Star Trek, because I went to see it alone.  Of the dozens and dozens of movies I’ve seen in my short 20-something years, I’ve always went with at least one other person.  It felt weird, yet exciting to go alone.  I don’t think I’ll go solo again for a long time, but I can say I enjoyed a movie with just myself.  The only weird thing about it was that I didn’t have anyone to talk to while I was waiting in line or in the theater (before and after the movie).  I kept thinking back to a manga series I read back in the day called Nana, when Hachi admits to seeing movies to enjoy the presence of being with herself.  I can see why, but having someone to talk to trumps that in my opinion.


I can’t talk about a lot of the movie without giving spoilers, so I’ll give a brief review.  It takes place a while after the first movie, with Kirk leading the Enterprise and her crew on exploratory missions.  As before, the acting and visuals were spot on.  I know some fans complain about the lens flare, but honestly it doesn’t bother me.  All the original characters returned with new ones and I had a feeling who the villian would be (not spoiling it!)  It was just as good as the first one and Spock Prime makes a cameo which was icing on the cake.  I even liked the romance between Spock and Uhura at times (which says something as I have a crush on spock/Zachary Quintino).  Bottom line-even if you don’t like Star Trek, but enjoyed the first movie or like futuristic movies-this is a definate must see.


Two great actors, one character. Thanks to the genius of Gene Roddenberry.

Now…off to watch the movies and original TV series.



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