2012 Goals: May Update

In addition to my 101 goals, I also have goals I set for myself in 2012.  I keep it updated every month and I used to post it on a writing website…until it went under recently.  Here are my goals and the progress I made on them in May!

1-Earn $500 online



Total: $60


2-Health/Beauty goals

-New glasses, working on tan, exercise, dentist-cleaning


3-Buy 80 new wardrobe pieces

-5 new things


Total for year: 31


4-Watch 70 new movies

-Iron Man 3

-Hearts and Souls

-The Great Gatsby

-What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

-Star Trek: Into Darkness

-Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan

-Star Trek III: Search for Spock

-Hunger Games

-What to Expect When You’re Expecting


May: 9

Total for year: 47



5-Everything out of my Parents House

Books, Books and more books


6-Read 100 books in a Year

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Star of Wild Horse Canyon

Xxholic handbook

Bronco Charlie

Guide to Brazil

Guide to Japan

The Snake that Went to School

The Usbourne Guide to Kings and Queens


May: 8

Total for year: 16



7-Volunter or donate to 25 different causes/organizations

-Regularly volunteering for the library


Total for year: 4



8-Keep Budget all year







9-Try 30 new recipes

Cauliflower crust pizza

Carrot Cake

White Chocolate Cranberry cookies

Crab Cakes

Squash Risotto

Chocolate Chip cookies (new)


May: 6

Total for year: 14



10-Make at least 20 crafts

Mushroom for garden

Magic Dice (plastic canvas)


Total for year: 6


11-Townhouse Goals

New shelf

New organization stuff

Baskets for new shelf


12-Beat 15 video games


Total: 3



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