November 2014 Goal Update

November was a pretty solid month, albeit one that I was barely at home.  During the final week in November, I was only home to sleep, for instance, and I was out of town every other weekend this month.  Despite this, I made headway on a couple goals, leaving me to finish off the remaining components this month.  I plan on staying put until Christmas break in 18 days, so that should help knock out my remaining goals.

Christmas tree. This is our dogs idea of the best Christmas Tree. All of her favorite foods. Lol

Read 100 books (88/100)

After finding out a book is defined as being over 43 pages, I’ve decided to count manga as part of my goal for the year.  Several other readers who set reading goals every year count thme as well.  Offhand I’ve read over 19, but I’m only counting the ones I’ve read in the last two months.  This brings my total up to 88.  Reading 12 books shouldn’t be a problem!


Pay off $10,000 of student loans ($8741.20/$10,000)

This is the only goal I’m concerned about, despite being in the $9,000 range.  I’ve worked very hard to pay extra every month, but when you’re on a teaching salary that’s less than $30,000 and live by yourself, it’s not easy to pay as much as others.  Hopefully this changes next year…


Try 40 new recipes (32/40)

It’s officially baking season and I plan on finishing this goal off in the next week or two.  In November I made Chocolate cream pie, a lentil loaf and baklava.


Beat 10 video games (9/10)

I’m around ten hours away from beating Persona 4 and I recently got Pokemon Alpha Sapphire.  Alpha Sapphire is currently eating all my time, but I plan on journeying back to the world of Persona 4 this weekend.  I have 3 weeks to beat it before I travel for the holidays (meaning no PS2 time).

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire's Hoenn Region Map.

Clothing goal

I did some minor clothes shopping in November and finally acquired a coat!  I plan on getting a few more things over break to finalize my wardrobe, then I’ll be on hiatus from buying until spring wear comes out.


Volunteer or donate to/for 10 causes (8/10)

With the Christmas season here, it’s easy to find causes that need help or donations.  I plan on contributing to a couple in the next month.  Next year, I would like to volunteer regularly somewhere, but with a move hopefully happening in the next few months, this goal may have to be postponed a bit longer.


I’m nearly there and I’ll be working extra hard this month to finally finish off my 2014 goals.  I’m working on a list for 2015 which follows my 101 goals to complete by 30.  I got this!


How was your November?


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