Goals Update for August

So true!!

Two weeks after not posting, I’m back for an update on my 2014 goals.  One of these days I’ll have a better posting schedule (goal idea for next year?).  Rambling aside, August was a great month AND as of today I was able to mark an entire goal off as completed.  I sold a bag of clothes this morning that Platos wouldn’t buy (“too old”) to a woman bringing the total number of things I’ve gotten rid of this year to 368.  We’ll count it done as of August for ease of recording.


Pay $10,000 off student loans

This month I was able to knock off $814 from principal bring the total paid for the year to  $5,945.66.  I still have a little ways to go in the next 4 months in order to meet my $10,000 mark, but with a rebate coming my way and some expected lower expenses, I know I’ll make it.


Beat ten video games  (8/10)

I finally beat Final Fantasy IV: The After Years after trudging through 27 end game bosses.  It was a massive pain.  Getting a 3DS earlier this month gave me motivation and I beat it after playing it as much as possible after school.  Now I get to enjoy Pokémon X.

Change jar goal -COMPLETED

I was able to completely fill it this month!  I got $247 and some change.  Most of which went into checking, but I put a good chunk into my retirement savings.

Earn extra income $1900

I’ve already met my $1500 goal, but this month was a HUGE leap.  I earned $400 in extra income bringing my total to over $1900 for the year already.  My writing and sales income has spiked and I hope this continues!

Read 100 books in a year (47/100)

I read 6 books this month, bringing the total for the year to 47.  I really need to get working on this goal.  Otherwise, like the last 5 years, I’ll be just mere books short of my 100 book goal.

Donate to 10 causes

I made one contribution to a charity plus tithes at church.  I’ve contributed to a total 6 charities this year.

Try 40 new recipes

I tried 2 new recipes in August for chocolate buttermilk cupcakes and Asparagus & Mushroom quiche.  Both turned out really well!  I’ve tried 24 new recipes this year.

Complete 20 crafts

I have ideas…but I didn’t complete ANY crafts this month.  It’s sad, but since the weather is getting cooler, I’ll probably be doing more in the coming months!


In terms of my other goals, they’re in progress or done!  I’m very pleased with my goals so far and it looks like I’m winding down on almost all my goals.  I do need to concentrate more on reading now…which I’ve been doing.  It just gets hard to find the time some days even though I could happily read for hours.

I'm a Black belt in the sport of extreme reading.

September is here meaning all things pumpkin are afoot, the school year is in full swing and there’ll be lots of fun things in store in the coming months!  I’m hoping we get fall weather soon AND it doesn’t get cold for a long time!  I dislike cold…




August Goals Update


September 1st, where did that come from??  The summer flew by and now we’re quickly working our way into fall.  Fall is my second favorite season and I’ve been dying to go to craft fairs, for crisp fall weather and fall baking for a good 2-3 months now.  Fall is also my favorite season to decorate for, so I’ll be pulling out my fall decorations in the very near future!  Fall also means its getting close to the end of the year and birthday/Christmas season is here.  Didn’t we just have November…a year ago?


Ramblings aside, here’s my monthly update on my goal progress.  I checked off another goal this month by earning over $500 this month through online writing and sales!  I’m hoping to earn even more next year (I am thinking ahead!)  I do need to really crack down on a few goals such as video games, reading and crafts.  At least I still have four more months to catch up.


1-Earn $500 online




August earnings: $55

Year Total: $537




Started a workout program to tone up-blogliates


3-By 80 new wardrobe pieces

August: 9

Total for the year: 50


4-Watch 70 new movies


5-Get everything out of my parents house

I have pretty much everything out of my parents house.  Sadly not the case at my grandmothers.


6-Read 100 books in a year

The Fault with Our Stars-John Green

Front Storm

10 Kids, no Pets


August Total: 3

Total for the year: 34


7-Volunteer or donate to 25 different causes

-Stuff the bus

-Stuff the classroom

-Therapeutic Riding Center donation


August: 3

Total for the year: 8


8-Keep Budget all year



9-Try 30 new recipes

Minute Chocolate Cake

Stuffed Peppers


August: 2

Total for the year: 22


10-Make at least 20 crafts

Zelda tissue box

Dr. Who magnet

Craft Cave sign


August total: 3

Total for the year: 9


11-Townhouse Goals



12-Beat 15 Video Games

Total for the year: 5


13-Student Loans

Paid extra on one loan



I’m off in a bit to go to a board game night with friends.  We’re going to be having a potluck of sorts and play Settlers of Catan, Dominion, Loaded Question and possibly Apples to Apples.  I’m really hoping we can get in some Loaded Questions since its a really good group game and there’s going to be 7-8 of us there.  I think the next game I introduce to everyone is going to be Munchkin-it needs to happen 😉