8/17: Sunday rambles and links

I realize I don’t post on here nearly as often as I should.  I guess part of it’s because I freelance write and despite my love of writing, I find it different to write on my blog.  Yeah…I need to work on that.  Outside the blog sphere, I did come back from vacation last Saturday night and we had our first day of students on Wednesday.  It’s nice to be back in the groove of things, but I definitely miss my friends and family back home.  This coming weekend I’ll be seeing quite a few at a book sale and Doctor Who party though, so no worries there!

That's a chicken coop that looks like a Hobbit hole.

Geek links

There’s a Doctor Who themed restaurant in New York.  Who wants to go?

Rumor has it that Jenna Coleman is leaving Doctor Who. I’ve enjoyed her character in Doctor Who, so it’ll be sad to see her go.

Your Ipad is safe as long as you don’t get a red one.

This guy built a DBZ scouter.  (insert over 9,000 joke here)

If you have a copy of Pokémon X and live in North America, you can get either a Pinsir or Heracross through mystery gift now through September 17th

If you like retro games, someone sent me this link to play old games on your computer.  I also like SNESfun.com


I've actually done this with a friend when I leave tips :)


Robin Williams passed away on Monday and this article inspired me to want to be the same.  Robin Williams has long been my favorite actor and he had a powerful positive impact on many lives, myself included.

I love pumpkin spice lattes, but releasing them August 25th is criminal Starbucks.  It’s not even September!

Looking for something new to try in the kitchen?  These are all winners in my book; Red roasted pepper risottoBBQ kidney bean burgers and peanut butter cheesecakefor dessert

Pokemon X (Nintendo 3DS)

I can’t remember if I posted about it, but I was saving up to buy a 3DS.  Long amazing story short, a friend gave me the last $20 I needed to get it and bought my pearl pink 3DS with Pokémon X!  I’ve been playing it all weekend (after finally beating Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, darn 27 final bosses).  I’m very impressed with it so far and can’t wait to play more later today!  With that last bit, I leave you with the wise words of the fourth Doctor;



4 thoughts on “8/17: Sunday rambles and links

  1. I know what you mean with the freelance writing. My blog writing has also fallen by the wayside. Sadly, freelance writing brings in the income, so I have to prioritize that!

    I don’t drink Starbucks, but as much as I love fall, August does seem awfully early to bring any sort of pumpkin drink back.

    That’s awesome your friend gave you a little bit of money toward the 3DS! I still have my pink DS lite from years ago. 27 bosses?! I’m still working my way through FF 13; my boyfriend accidentally saved over my save, so we had to go back through it this weekend.

    • I’ve accidently saved over a file once before, it was awful because I was right at the final boss battle in the one I saved over (and hadn’t beaten it yet). What do you think of FF13 so far?

      • It was really awful! I saw him save and then realized my character was no longer there, so I panicked and asked him to look, and sure enough, it was gone… Lesson learned, we’re now playing on two different profiles! Thankfully I wasn’t at the final stage of the game (I would have cried).

        I like it! It took me a little while to warm up to everything, but now that I have the hang of it, I’m looking forward to playing FF13-2. My boyfriend is really hoping 15 will come out next year, but who knows!

      • Square-Enix has a habit of changing dates (I’m pretty sure FFXIII: versus was delayed for a good 2-3 years!) FF15 does look great visually, but there aren’t any demos to my knowledge, hopefully we’ll see something soon!

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