Revealing your debt

I read quite a few debt blogs and while each is unique, there is one common trait I see on every blog.

How much debt they have.

Some may have noticed I haven’t revealed my debt number, yet. The truth is, I’m embarrassed by the amount (though it’s less than what many have) and want to reach a certain number before I’m upfront about revealing it.  Only 3-4 people know what my debt number is, but many friends know that I have a decent amount in student loans.  Actually, I feel like I too often sigh and saying “when I’m debt free” or “if I didn’t have student loans”.  I’m jealous of those who don’t have them and can travel abroad or buy cool things or even better, donate to good causes and help out others.  I can only do those things on a smaller scale.

What is a Loan?(pinterest)

Provided I get to the amount I’m aiming for by the end of the year, I’ll post my debt number.  Until then, I’ll keep it hush hush and then I’ll be honest.  This is how much I started with, this is what I have now, this is how much remains.  Since I stated paying back my debt aggressively, I’ve taken off quite a bit (in 8 months).  I’m hoping the next six months of the year are just as good!



2 thoughts on “Revealing your debt

  1. It is interesting to see how many people are open about their debt numbers. I’ve revealed mine in the past, but I don’t actively post about it. I’m fully supportive of the choices others make, though. I hope you’re able to achieve your goal this year!

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