Take that student loan (a semi-mid June update)

With a little assurance... It's much easier to step outside your comfort zone & do what needs to be done... To SUCEED. <3 xoxo

My goal this month, after coming into a little money & having a HUGE boost in sales (which has tampered off) was to pay more on my student loans.  It’s only the middle of the month, but I’ve paid off $2,000 already!  I plan on making another payment on two loans (not as substantial, but something), which will bring them down even more.  It’s a pity I couldn’t do this every month, because they’d be gone in less than three years, which would be wonderful.  At my current rate (and based on my 5 year action plan), they’ll be paid off in the next five years.  Things could easily change.  I periodically go through a period where I think of moving closer to family and friends back home.  I adore my job and everything about it, I just get homesick sometimes or (maybe I am being called to go back?)

The Winter King (Warlord Chronicles Series #1)

In terms of my other goals for the year, I’m doing ok this month.  I really need to catch up on reading and despite the fact I do a good amount of reading most of the time, I’ll get some weeks where I can barely squeeze any time in.  Thank goodness I’m free this weekend as I plan on doing a lot of reading.  I just finished “The Winter King” by Bernard Cornwell and I plan on reading some more from the Cryptozoology book I’ve had ongoing since the beginning of the year.  Saturday I’ll be treating myself to a horrible histories book I grabbed last week.  I adore them, but they can be hard to come across in used book stores (ordering online means importing them since some are out of print).


My biggest thing for the rest of the month is just tackling my summer bucket list and having more sales.  I have a couple things posted, but history has taught me the bulk of my sales come at the end of the month.  I’d love to get rid of some more things and make an extra $50+ in online sales, but online sales can be hit or miss.  I haven’t posted my summer bucket list, but its basically a collection of things to do this summer in relation to my 2014 goals, traveling and events I want to go to.  I’ve already scratched off quite a few too.


There are still ten days left in June and it should be a great rest of the month!  Hopefully I can tackle some more debt payments and goals in that time!



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