The Quest to Beat Every Final Fantasy game


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In 2001, I got my hands on the game I’d been dying to play ever since I saw its image in Gamepro the spring before.  That game was Kingdom Hearts and it was the reason I bought a PS2.  Preiovusly, my only dabble into RPG games had been the Pokémon games, though I did end up getting into Dragon Quest come the spring of 2002.  As I played through the first couple minutes of Kingdom Hearts, I ran into Tidus, Selphie and Wakka.  I knew that they were part of the Final Fantasy game series, but that was all I knew.  Luckily two of my best friends were really into Final Fantasy and they were able to explain a few things.  That Christmas, I bought Final Fantasy X and it changed my perspective of what a video game could really be.


Since then, I’ve fallen in love with the series and gotten quite a few Final Fantasy games, not just the main games either.  However, while I own at least one platform for all but FF13, I still haven’t beaten them all.  It’s a shame to say since I love the games so much.  So, I’m challenging myself to beat every Final Fantasy game in the main series EXCEPT for the MMORPGs.  I’m not counting those since I’m not an MMORPG fan and don’t have ready access to them.  Below is the progress I’ve made on each game;


Final Fantasy I

Beaten.  I beat it several years ago, probably back in 2005.  It was the first classic Final Fantasy I played (pre-FFVII) and I loved it.  It also has my favorite song in any video game, Chaos Temple.


Final Fantasy II

Beaten.  I beat the PSP version about two years ago and completed the extra story soon after.  FFII is sometimes not very high on most peoples list of their favorite Final Fantasy games, but for me, it’d be higher than some like FF3.  I like the leveling up system as its unique and adds a bit more than the traditional ‘level 30, level 80 etc.’


Final Fantasy III

Beaten.  I beat it this past Christmas and honestly, it’s my least favorite of all the Final Fantasy games I’ve played.  I found the game to be boring and the story was boring itself.  It’s one game that I know I’ll probably never go back and play again.


Final Fantasy IV

I actually just bought the PSP version (complete collection) this week.  I’m only in the first 2-3 hours of the game and from what I hear, completing everything and after years can take a good 60-70 hours.  I’m really into the game and predict I’ll beat it within two weeks of playing here and there at my current pace.  When I played it previously, I got to the second to last dungeon before putting it down and never picking it up again.


Final Fantasy V 

I have it on Playstation, but I haven’t gotten terribly far in it.  I think I got up to the point where you’re exploring an old library.  I’m debating trying to track down the advance game, but if not, I’ll probably just restart my playstation game or buy it for my ipad.


Final Fantasy VI 

Like with Final Fantasy V, I started it as part of the Playstation Anthology collection.  I got around halfway through, then set it down and never went back.


Final Fantasy VII 

Beaten once and I loved every second of it.  At some point I plan on going back and playing it through again…perhaps when I get a PS3 and can download it via the Playstation network?


Final Fantasy VIII

Beaten quite a few times as I loved the game to bits when I first got it.  Don’t get me wrong of course, I still love it!  It can get a bad rap from some, but I loved the story, characters and music, just not the junction system.


Final Fantasy IX

Beaten.  I had trouble getting into it, not that it was bad, it just didn’t come off as a storng game (to me).  I’d also argue it was a pretty easy game to play and beat, I don’t think I ever died playing it.


Final Fantasy X

Beaten.  I’ve beaten Final Fantasy X all the way through around ten times and once with nearly everything completed.  It’s been my favorite Final Fantasy so far.


Final Fantasy X-2

Beaten.  I’ve beaten it around three times and as much as some dislike it, I did actually like it.  The characters and story were a little weak, in my opinion, but the job system and most of the gameplay was a lot of fun.


Final Fantasy XII

I own it, but haven’t played it yet.


Final Fantasy XIII

I don’t own it, but I have played it.  Eventually I’ll buy it (need a PS3 first) and hopefully the game gets a bit better than the first hour I played of it.


Final Fantasy IV The Complete Collection - Sony PSP -

I’m planning on going in order and as I mentioned above, I’m currently playing through Final Fantasy IV.  I’ve gotten a good start and even though its been a few years since I’ve played it, I remember a lot more than I thought I would (like Rydia falling off the ship).  It’s also just as good as I remember and I sense it’ll be beaten in a relatively short amount of time, especially since I’m on summer break.  After that, I’ll tackle FFV and go up the line.  Maybe by the time I get to FF13 I’ll actually own a Ps3 (since I’ll probably break up the chain at some point with a game from another series to keep things fresh/tackle my backlog).





5 thoughts on “The Quest to Beat Every Final Fantasy game

  1. Good luck! I hate to say it, but when I got into MMORPGs in high school and college, I basically stopped playing console games. It saddened me, as I had so many I wanted to play and never got around to them. I’ve always been a Zelda fan, but I can’t justify getting the Wii U just for one game. My boyfriend loves FF, and I’d really like to play through them with him as I’ve actually never played them before! We’d need to invest in a PS3 as well, though. At least I still have my old PS2!

    • I never was able to get into MMORPG games, even though I’ve tried quite a few over the years. I need to get a PS3 too, if only for the remastered versions of FFX and the Kingdom Hearts games. Which Zelda is your favorite?

      • Ocarina of Time, without a doubt =). Mostly for nostalgic reasons. It was the first game I was able to play through by myself, without my dad helping, haha.

        I actually have Kingdom of Hearts, but I’ve never played it (my dad did). Maybe I should try that first! I’m glad the price has gone down on the PS3 at least, but I might have to reserve it as a birthday or Christmas present.

      • You really should play Kingdom Hearts. It was the reason I bought a PS2 (and got into more RPGs). It’s a wonderful game and quite an experience.

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