May 2014 Goal Update

Very Hungry Caterpillar art project for butterfly garden

We’re already in the month of June!  How is that possible?  May was a good month and I got a new car!  I’m so glad I made the decision to get a new car.  No complaints about the month of May and I bet June will be just as good!  I’m doing this update a little bit differently to make it easier to read.


Earn $1500 in extra income (year)

April earnings: $238.30

Total: $930.11


Read 100 books in a year

I read 7 books in may for a total of 28 books read for the year.  According to goodreads, I’m 11 books behind though!


Beat 10 video games

I beat two video games in May, “The Early Years: The Three Kings” and “Dragon Warrior 2”.  This brings the total number of games that I’ve beaten up to four.


Complete 20 crafts

I only finished one craft, a twilight sparkle magnet, last month.  It brings the total number I’ve done up to six.  In June, I hope to increase that number as I do projects for my bathroom!


 Volunteer or donate to 10 causes

This past month I didn’t do any volunteer work or donate beyond putting money in the offering plate 😦


Pay off $10,000 on debt principal

($2743.90 /$10,000) I paid over $500 towards my principal and hope to pay off more in the coming month.


Cavity fixed

Check!  My cavity was filled and I’m done with this goal for the year!


Get rid of 365 things

In May I got rid of 32 things (through sales and donations) bringing the total number of things I’ve gotten rid of this year to 208.


Clothing goal

I didn’t buy a single article of clothing in May.  That’s got to be a first for me!



I only got around to taking my recycling once this month because I was so busy. It would’ve been two, but I went yesterday and they were closed because the guy never showed up.



Well, I did go to a restaurant about thirty minutes away with a friend and drove to visit family and friends back home one weekend.  My car was on its last legs most of the month, prompting me to get my new car, which is why I stayed in town.  June is going to be my big travel month though.


Make 40 new recipes

I did some baking and cooking this month and made 6 new recipes.  This included blueberry buttermilk scones and a new type of chocolate chip cookie.  Two recipes didn’t work out so well, but I’ve made 18 of my 40 for the year so far!


Filling my bear bank

I contributed money every week this month and its definitely getting even heavier.  I didn’t think that was even possible since the thing weighs over 40lbs now.


Get out there more

I was more of an extrovert this month and made a new friend or two in the process.  I still should go out and do more, but sometimes its nice to just be an introvert 😉





One thought on “May 2014 Goal Update

  1. You read 7 books in May?! That’s impressive! I’ve been trying to get back to my old hobby and plan at least to finish 1-2 books a month. Also, good job with the extra income! I’m sure you’re going to accomplish your goal really soon! Good luck with your other goals!

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