Past Money Wasted

Yu-Gi-Oh Cards Starting bid at $9.99 No reserve! Comes with four collector books.

Parttime, I sell things online through 4 different websites.  Sometimes sales are really good, sometimes sales aren’t as good.  I still average $150-200 a month and some months it’s even more than that.  However, in looking at the items I have for sale, I realize a lot are things I bought on a whim and barely used or realized after the fact were a waste of money.  I wasn’t bad with money in my youth for the most part, but once I got out of high school I engaged in less frugal practices.  Now that I’m older and wiser, I can look back and shake my head on some of the things I wasted money on.


Yu-gi-oh, Dragonballz & Pokémon cards

We all had at least one of the above probably.  I did really get into Yu-gi-oh and Pokémon, they got their use from me, but looking back now, they seem like a waste of money.  Unlike Magic the Gathering, which I’ve been playing for years, I only had maybe one or two friends who actually played with them and they generally just sat in a binder that I went through once a year and organized.  I’d hate to think of the money I wasted on them.


Ty Beanie Babies

I HATE thinking about how much my grandmother spent on these things and myself.  I don’t even want to discuss how many I have.  They’re cute and I could see still using them in the future, but not all of them.  Now they’re worth next to nothing and have been sitting in a container in my parents house for around 5 years.


Video Games I didn’t really want

I love video games and still play regularly, but I went through a weird spell 4 years ago where I bought a lot of video games that I thought I wanted to play, but realized I had no interest in.  I’ve sold off a lot of these unwanted games and now only have the ones I really want and enjoy.  Luckily with most video games, I’ve been able to flip them and sell them at a profit compared to what I bought them at.  Still, if I hadn’t bought them in the first place, I’d have that much more money(?)


Clothes that I never wore

I wasn’t super guilty of this, but there have been a few clothing items I’ve gotten rid of over the years without ever wearing or only wearing once.  Now that I’m older and wiser, I only buy things I know I’ll wear and are styles that look good on me.


Eating out…for no reason

I’m still guilty of this…I like going out to eat with friends which isn’t bad, but what is are the times I feel lazy and would rather pay $6 for one meal instead of buying the ingredients to buy the things to make it.  I have no issue eating out when it means getting together with a friend or family, but just by myself seems a bit silly…unless I have a coupon.


What are things you regret spending money on now that you’re older and wiser?


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