A Quick update on things

I haven’t posted a blog in over a week (despite attempting to do one every week), but I wanted to pop in and do one.  I made a big purchase this week, a new car!  I got a great deal on it and love it.  My old ones transmission was shot and had other issues, so I traded it in to get a new one.  Some may argue I should’ve gotten a used one, but I was so done with repairs after this car, I wanted a guarantee!  Plus it’s a Honda Civic, so it should last me many, many years.  Plus it has all kinds of fancy features like AC, gets up to 40 MPG and is all around a wonderful car.  Woohoo!


On the student loan front, I didn’t pay as much this month compared to last month, but I might still make a small extra payment before the month is up on one just to get it under the next $1K threshold.  I’m hoping to make a bit more this month with sales and freelancing.  I’ve posted more things for sale and I’m due to have a freelance check in the near future, so that’ll help.  It seems like the bulk of my sales happen at the end of the month (which makes sense, that’s when people know if they’ll have money or not).


On the goal and life front, things are going well.  I’m making some slow progress with some goals, but they’re going fairly well for now.  Now if I’m not further along in some by the end of June, I have permission to panic. Hopefully I can scavenge up some money to pay more on my student loans, do more traveling this upcoming month and learn to not stress too much about everything!


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