Minor Pet Peeve I’ve developed

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Pet peeve: Poor commenters


Is anyone else a freelance writer?  I do it on the side as a part time job to get extra money and while I love it, I have to make a small vent.  Sometimes when I write articles, people will comment on my articles with spam comments.  Now, these people are ALL fellow writers.  They should know that writing something like ‘nice post’ or some other generic comment that shows they just copied and pasted, is annoying.  It just gets worse from there.  Before I go further, I’ll be honest, I’m NOT the best writer nor will I ever be.  However, when it comes to comments, I always read and leave comments that show I read and in complete sentences.  My grammar is not perfect (I grew up in the rural south, so my language itself may sound ‘off’ to some).  Still…I have to rant about the things below.


1-People who clearly didn’t read

It’s annoying when people will comment on a post and say something like “Happy Birthday” when there was no mention of birthdays (I kid not).  I get off-comments from time to time and it’s distressing to me as a writer.  Was it not interesting?  Or do you just not care?  I mean, it makes you look silly.


2-Pointless comments

I write a lot of video game related articles, so it would make sense that the people reading them would have some idea about video games or at least be interested in them.  However, more than once, I’ve gotten someone who commented “I don’t play games”.  Erm…ok, why are you reading this then?  I kind of take some of them as passive aggressive.


3-Off topic

I’ve had people who (this falls under spam too I guess) write things completely unrelated to the topic or anything in the article.  I’ve had people say “feel better soon” in a topic about video games and ONLY about a game.


4-Bad English/other language

Again, I’m not perfect.  However, I DO understand most of the fundamentals of the English language!  I cannot stand text speech or people who write sentences with horrid grammar.  I’ve become a little bit of a grammar snob with this.  I have zero tolerance for text speech.  For heavens sake, you were lucky enough to be educated and have a computer to type on, use it!

Vent is done.


In happier news, my birthday is this Tuesday and this past weekend I celebrated it with my family.  Hopefully our snowfall ends soon and my mom is still able to visit Tuesday since we have plans to have a girls day.  If not, we’ll reschedule for another day, but it’ll kind of stink to spend my birthday alone.  Over the years, I’ve spread my birthday celebrations over a longer stretch of time because family and friends live all over the place.  It feels kind of strange to think I’ll be entering into my official ‘late 20s’ phase, but I think I’m mentally ready.  I just don’t feel like I’ve gotten there already, how time flies!


2 thoughts on “Minor Pet Peeve I’ve developed

  1. Happy Birthday.

    Kidding of course! Except that it would have been an appropriate response had it been timely…I am just a few months too late!

    Anyhow, I just stumbled upon your blog, and I am curious about the freelance writing you do for income. I would be interested in a similar gig; can you send me in the right direction to start?


    • Haha, thanks for the belated birthday wishes 🙂

      The website I use is called bubblews.com. It’s not for everyone and not a super formal freelance website, but its what is working for me (and has for the past year). I haven’t really gotten into other freelance sources, though I think e-lance can be good too or Squido.

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