February Progress on 2014 Goals

Thank goodness it’s March!  March is one of my favorite months because we start to see warmer temperatures, everything starts coming back to life and it’s my birthday month.  I have a lot of things coming up this month with a couple guests coming to stay and my birthday, so I’m excited for the things in the near future.  February was a bleak month due to overtime work, the cold and unexpected expenses, but March is shaping up to be a much better month.  I didn’t make quite as much progress on my goals as I would’ve liked, but with my tax refund coming this month, some things (i.e. debt) will see a big jump in progress.  Here’s how I did;


1. Earn $1500 in extra income (year)

February earnings: 248.34

Total for 2014: $479.53


2. Read 100 books in a year

Salem Falls

Second Summer of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Totto-chan: The Little girl at the Window by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi

Sea Star by Margret Henry

Total read: 10


3. Beat 10 video games

Tom & Jerry (SNES)


4. Complete 20 crafts

Chrono magnet

N magnet


Magnus magnet

Total: 4/20


5. Volunteer or donate for 10 causes

Library (regular volunteer)


6. Pay off $10,000 on debt principal

($1126.71 /$10,000)


7. Cavity fixed

Next month!


8. Get rid of 365 things

January (40/30)

February (35/30)

Total:  75/365


9. Clothing goal (replace and add!)

I did replace my old navy blue jacket that I’ve been trying to replace for a long time.  Once I transition from winter to spring clothes, a couple things are getting replaced/gotten rid of.


10. Recycling goal

Took a huge load in the third week of February.  Hoping to start taking recycling twice a month or more.


11.Travel/event goal

  • Sakura festival
  • Out of town trip
  • Attend a convention


12. Try 40 new recipes and update recipe book

Red pepper risotto

Cauliflower crust pizza

Toaster pastries

New blueberry buckle recipe

February recipes: 4

Total: 9


13.Fill bear bank and take to the bank

I’ve been adding a handful of change every week.  Hopefully that makes a difference since a light revealed I still have 20% of the bank to go.


14.Get out there more

MTG pre-release was pretty much all I did outside of the usual hanging out with friends and board game club.  I gave into introvert tendencies this month.


Not the greatest month, but March is looking better so far.  I’m hoping to get more on my student loans especially.  I’ve almost finished Dragon Quest (hope to beat today), so I’ve already made progress on some goals.  At least winter is starting to get behind us!

Dragon Quest 1....Just as good as Final Fantasy ever was (back in the day anyway)


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