2013 Goals Review


Happy New Year!  2014 is going really well between seeing “The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug” and catching up with friends and family today.  I also beat Final Fantasy III the other day, just in time to have a seventh game for my video game goal.  Hope everyone elses is off to a great start too!  Since today is the first day of 2014, I decided to go ahead and do my review of 2013 goals and post my 2014 goals officially.   I’ve combined my progress on my December progress with my 2013 to give a good overview of how I fared on my goals.  I think I did pretty well this year and look forward to tackling my new list.


1-Earn $500 online

Year Total: $755




3-By 80 new wardrobe pieces

4-Watch 70 new movies


5-Get everything out of my parents house


6-Read 100 books in a year

The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald

The Cat who Came for Chrsitmas by Clevland Amory

Poppy by AVI

The Fantastic Mr. Fox by Ronald Dahl

Poppy and Rye by AVI

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

Ereths Birthday by AVI

Poppy Returns by AVI

City of Bones by Cassandra Clarke

December Total: 10

Total for the year: 72

———-NOT MET———————–


7-Volunteer or donate to 25 different causes

Total for the year: 15

———NOT MET————————–


8-Keep Budget all year


9-Try 30 new recipes

Pumpkin Pancakes

White chocolate chip chocolate cookies

Gingerbread men

Cranberry tea cookies

Chocolate bark

Yule Log

Total: 42


10-Make at least 20 crafts

December: 0

Total for the year: 18

———NOT MET————


11-Beat 15 Video Games

Final Fantasy 3

Total for the year: 7

———NOT MET———–


12-Student Loans

I began aggressively paying them off in November and since then have paid over$1300 in principal. I’m pretty proud of myself there, especially since I paid off $705.98 in December alone. When you’re on a modest teaching salary, that’s awesome! At this rate, I have a 5 year off payoff date! 2014 will be my year to make it shorter!


Off my 12 goals, I managed to meet seven of the goals I set. The ones I didn’t meet WERE close.  In 2014, I did reflect on the ones I didn’t meet and modified it based on my results and progress. I hope to cross off everything in 2014 and create a reward of some kind if I meet EVERY goal.


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