Goals for 2014

2013 is nearly over and I’ve finished my goals for the coming year.  I’ll be doing the last overview of my goals from last year in the next  week along with my thoughts.  I’m very excited to start my goals for next year because its a clean slate. I’ve learned from my goals last year and I was pretty successful with them.  2013 was a great year and one of a lot of change, new friends and knowledge.  It’s funny how you think you had your biggest change/transformation one year and the next proves you wrong.  Life is funny like that.


1. Earn $1500 in extra income  -Ambitious, maybe, but not really?  Last year I did earn over this by a lot, but I was also only counting money I earned online.  I’m hoping to pick up more babysitting and freelance work in the coming year as well as have more successful sales online/in person.

2. Read 100 books in a year (fifth year…) -Sad to say…this will be my sixth year trying to finish this goal.  I refuse to give up and this will be the year I finish 100 books.  Mark my word.

3. Beat 10 video games  -Last years goal of 15 games was a bit too ambitious it seems.  I did play a couple new games, but found myself frustrated in certain games that I ultimately put aside (Jungle Book for the SNES, Final Fantasy Tactics for the PSP…)  In 2014 I plan on beating 10 games.

4. Complete 20 crafts  -I’m a crafty girl and did a lot of crafts last year.  I hope to continue with that this year and pick up new crafting skills.  Last year I did learn to knit and make stuffed animals so we’ll see what 2014 brings.

5. Volunteer or donate for 10 causes  -I want to help out more in the world around me, but with limited money and time, it can be more challenging.  Last year I did find a volunteer opportunity that has become a weekly thing for me (library) and I helped out with a 5K.  I’m excited to do more in the coming year.

6. Pay off $10,000 of debt  -I’m pretty excited about this one.  I’ve been pretty agressive since I started really repaying in November and I’m already seeing definite nicks in my balance.  $10K doesn’t seem like a lot, but when you have a teaching salary under $30K it is…

7. Cavity fixed  (I have one, albeit a tiny one)  -I’ve always taken very good care of my teeth as well as what I eat.  Still, that doesn’t always make a difference.

8. Organization/Get everything out of my parents and grandmothers house  -Carrying this over from last year.  I don’t have a lot, but I do want to clear out space for my parents and grandmothers.

9. Clothing goal (replace and add!)  –
I did really well with my clothing goal last year and plan on just getting specifics this coming year.

  • Find a good coat
  • New black canvas shoes
  • New sandals
  • Swimsuit
  • Dark brown boots
  • Rainboots

10. Recycling goal-I’ve always been a recycler and have taken more initiative this year as I learn how to recycle things that are harder to recycle.  Now to track down places that take used clothing and cloths to recycle!

11.Travel/event goal -I have one trip planned for sure in 2014 to DC for the Cherry Blossom festival. I’m sure many day trips will pop up, but I hope to do more special trips too that are out of state.

12.Try 40 new recipes and update recipe book  -I did really well with this last year and my cooking skills have greatly improved.  I hope to do more next year and tackle more challenging things.

13.Fill bear bank and take to the bank -I have a bear bank I put in my change that’s about 85% full.  I can’t wait to fill it to the point I can’t fit anymore in, wrap it and take it to the bank.  ChaChing.

14.Get out there more  -I’m not a hermit by any means, but I do need to be more outgoing in ways.  I’m one of those people who are shy until they get to know someone.  This means going out to hear music, meeting new people and possibly joining a new club.  I won’t do any growing staying in my comfort zone.


Can’t wait to start these next week!  What are your goals for 2014?


4 thoughts on “Goals for 2014

  1. I think $10k of debt payoff is amazing. I know a lot of people making over $60k who can’t manage to pay off $10k in a year! I haven’t made my goals for this year yet, but I’ve been thinking about them. Trying new recipes and reading more will likely be on my goals list as well.

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