Twas the night before Christmas

Christmas ® Avengers style

How is it possible that tomorrow is Christmas? Or rather, it’s only a few hours away?  I’m planning to leave in a little over an hour to head to my churches midnight service.  I’ve never been to one (I have trouble staying up late), but I’m excited to finally go.  It’s getting colder, but I know the church will be warm.

Tomorrow we’ll do a family breakfast, open gifts nad then get things ready for the rest of the family to come over for Christmas lunch.  My aunt and I baked a yule log roll for dessert and I’m anxious to try it.  Afterwards, we’ll sit around and enjoy each others company and watch Christmas movies.  Christmas is a family and religious holiday for me.  It’s my favorite holiday by far and I stretch it out into a season rather than an actual day.


Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!!

As much as I am completely devastated about Matt's departure, I cannot wait to see Peter. He will be great, and I am so happy for him. He has a chance to part of a show that has been loved for 50 years (again), and I just hope he will be incredible and love his stay.

This happens tomorow too.  Hello Peter Capaldi!


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