December is a Chaotic Month for Budgeting

Pretty Blossoms Covered with Snow

Happy snow rain day.  There was a forecast for a ton of snow and ice last night, so school was closed.  We ended up just getting rain instead, but it was wonderful to have an unexpected day off.  Though, I did keep thinking it felt odd to be off today since the last time I had a day off during the week was Thanksgiving break (ok, so it wasn’t that long ago).



I got my heat/gas bill last Saturday and my heart dropped.  $51.  Ouch.  It hasn’t been that high since last February ($60) and I’d gotten used to the lower $20 payments every month.  It’s the one thing I dread about the winter months-it gets so much more expensive when it comes to my electric and gas bills.  Usually electric is around $25 a month and gas is a little less.  At least since its cold, I’ll be staying in more so I can freelance to make up for that right?


December is, itself, the most expensive time a year for many peoples budgets.  There’s Christmas, holidays, traveling, bill increases etc.  I am anticipating this to be a big spending month and I did increase my budget on a few things such as groceries and gifts.  I do still need to get a few small gifts and baking supplies to bake, but after that I should be set to go.  The good news is I’ve been slowly putting more towards my student loans since I got my tax refund and I’m getting a deposit back on my electric (not sure on water yet, but $190 extra would be awesome!)  It’s going to be a month of extra spending, but next month it’ll balance out and things can go back to normal (heat is still going to be up though).


I put this site on my favorites because it has so many money saving links.

It’s only the 10th of December and I’ve already paid $470 on the principal of my student loan this month.  I cringe when I see how much money goes towards the interest.  While it means I make more payments throughout the month to cut down on it being all at once, it hurts to see that after not making a payment in a week, I owe almost $20 in interest.  I’m working on earning some extra money over the holidays and plan on;

  • Selling more unwanted video games
  • Selling some old books to the used bookstore I go to (they give cash!)
  • Freelance work
  • Babysitting

Hopefully it means I can have some extra cash to put towards my debt.  I can’t wait to be debt free so I can start putting that money towards retirement and truly living.  I can almost taste my trip to London….in five years.


4 thoughts on “December is a Chaotic Month for Budgeting

  1. Great job on paying toward your student loans! I’m sure you can get to London before five years from now. We’re going this fall and our hotels/flights are almost free because of credit card rewards.

    • Thanks! That’s awesome you’re going this coming Fall and for virtually free! I keep hearing about Credit Card rewards (don’t have one myself) and all the great rewards you can get from some.

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