Loki & Thor: The Dark World

2 days!!!!!

Thursday night a friend and I were to the pre-midnight showing of Thor 2: The Dark World.  I say pre-midnight because the local theater does an 8pm showing of new movies as opposed to the traditional midnight release.  Its definitely more convenient for fans who have to see it the night it comes out…but have to go to work the next day.Luckily I just had a conference the next day and the movie was over by 10ish.  In preparation for the movie my friend and I had the following T-shirts made;

Team Loki shirt I wore to the midnight showing of Thor: The Dark World

What can I say, I’m part of Loki’s army.


I won’t spoil anything from the movie here.

Basic synopsis, Thor is restoring order and things have settled down since his and Lokis adventure on Earth.  Loki has been condemned to spend the rest of his life in prison and we continue to see the complex workings of Loki.  Marvel is aware of how popular Loki is to fans and made sure he got lots of whitty one-liners.  When Loki first appeared in the movie, several other people in the theater cheered.  However, Thor: The Dark World isn’t about Loki, its about Thor.

Thor / Loki

(I do really like Thor, but there’s something special about Loki.  Ok, he’s my favorite Marvel movie character)


Jane makes a reapperance and (no spoilers since it was in all the trailers) she’s reunited with Thor.  There is a side romance plot or two that develop, but are never fleshed out.   There’s little time for romance, as Malekith takes the stage.  Malekith is played by the ninth doctor I mean Christopher Eccleston.  He does an amazing job and one of my few qualms with Thor: The Dark World is that Malekith is not fleshed out enough.  There is too little screen time of him, which was my only letdown.  Darcy got annoying in the sequel, but its not enough to warrant negative points.


Malekith #SkypeMarvel

The actors and actresses do a brilliant job in their roles.  All the original cast was back and director (_________________) has done an amazing job recruiting some amazing actors who were seemingly made for the roles they were cast in.   Could Iron Man be played by anyone other than Robert Downey Jr.?  Could anyone have brought to life Loki better than Tom Hiddleston?  Not sure and honestly there weren’t any characters (minus Darcy and Ian) I disliked.  Seeing the appearance of an Avenger was an unexpected bonus too.


Is it worth the watch?  Absolutely!  It does have a few flaws, but its much better than the original in my humble opinion.  It’s one of those rare movies (like The Avengers) I’d be willing to see again in theaters if offered the chance.  It’s my second favorite of the Marvel movie franchise and I’m interested to see the direction Marvel takes, considering the ending.  Also, it was pretty amazing seeing the ninth doctor face off against Loki.  Fandom break.



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