Cool Geeky t-shirts for Women and Where to Find Them


Ah wishlists, another list where we can store the things we want in the future.


I’ve been pinning a lot more geeky things on my pinterest wishlist lately.  A lot of them have been geeky things like coffee mugs, t-shirts and board games.  It’s different from my amazon wishlist which has mostly entertainment based things (i.e. books and movies).  Since I’ve been adding to it lately (to the point of searching for other geeky wishlists) I’ve discovered a far amount of cool shirts.   I’ve been trying to build up my geeky attire and goodies collection lately, without overdoing it too.  A lot of my coworkers are into geeky things too which makes me feel I don’t have to ‘hide’ my inner geek.  Hurray!  Speaking of shirts, these are ten of my favorites;

1.WANT!       2. 3. 4. @Jackie Miller   Team Loki shirt!!

5. Chrono Doctor by Creative Outpouring             6. Back to the TARDIS by Bamboota         7.


8. 9.      10. Run Away! Run Away!    11.  Images of Star Trek Team Enterprise Junior Women T-Shirt

1. Crest of Hyrule

2. Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock @ thinkgeek

3. Ravenclaw @

4. Team Loki

5. Chrono Doctor @

6. Back to the Tardis

7. Classically Trained

8.  Captain America (junior size)

9.  Coffee girl (not geek but…)

10. Monty/Peanuts

11. Final Fantasy VII

12. Star Trek

I will be getting at least one of the above shirts in the next month; Team Loki.  I can’t help it, I’m a Loki fangirl (I ADORE Tom Hiddleton, ADORE) so I plan on wearing it to Thor 2’s premiere in November.  I can’t wait to go to the midnight release!!  As you can see from the list, my favorite places to find shirts are teefury (go there NOW) and thinkgeek. Sometimes you can find geeky shirts at other stores-I tend to find them at;





(if anyone knows any others, let me know!)


nerd girl problems | Nerd girl problems. / geeking - Juxtapost

My geeky collection continues to grow and maybe by the end of the year I’ll have more than just my Marvel shirt, Doctor Who shirt and Doctor Who coffee cup?  I could go for some Tardis earrings and a Star Trek Pizza Cutter.


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