July Goal Update


We’re already in the month of August (as strange as it seems) which means vacation time, gardening time, its almost time for the annual yard crawl, school starts back and the weather is warm cool.  I’ve started my budget for the month as well as continued my progress on my yearly goals.  I’ve done a write up of my July goals and updated my 2013 goal list on its little page.  I haven’t done horribly, but I need to catch up on reading and gaming if I hope to get them done.  I did finish my movie goal for the year this month though and I’m very close to finishing a few others.  Not a bad month through and through!


1-Earn $500 online


$25 Target GC/Swagbucks

$25 Mypoints giftcard-Panera

$25 Bubblews

June Total: $233

Year Total: $482



Nothing big to report though I do need to get my hair restyled


3-By 80 new wardrobe pieces

5 new clothes

Total for the year: 41


4-Watch 70 new movies

Pokemon White and Black: Victini and Zekrom

Pokemon: Arceus and the Jewel of Life

Pokemon: Giratina and the Sky Warrior

Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea

Pokemon: The Rise of Darkrai

Pokemon: Kyurem vs. the Sword of Justice

Do Not Disturb

Maid in Manhatten

Little Black Book

Alvin and the Chipmunks and the Wolfman

The Wild Thornberrys


Rugrats Go Wild

For Love or Money



5-Get everything out of my parents house

Didn’t get anything done on this one


6-Read 100 books in a year

The Little Take a trip

The Forgotten Children

Mystery in the Night Woods

The Starlight Crystal


Aldo Peanut Butter

Gone with the Wind

Always Looking Up

Total for July: 8

Total for the year: 33


7-Volunteer or donate to 25 different causes

-Donated to Autism fundraiser

Total for the year: 5


8-Keep Budget all year

Every month but June.  My computer crashed and I lost the entire budget.  So…it’s the one blackmark.


9-Try 30 new recipes

Maple Blueberry Granola Bars

Total for the year: 20


10-Make at least 20 crafts

Tetris Blocks

Total for the year: 7


11-Townhouse Goals



12-Beat 15 Video Games

Pokemon White 2

Kirby Avalanche

Total for the year: 5


13-Student Loans

-Paid an extra on all loans this month


14-Live, don’t stress

Good except that week where my laptop and car broke the same day.  It happened a year and a half ago that way too.


Since I’ve finished my goal of watching 75 new movies, I will be updating it from here on out with a red strike through it.  You can continue to see what movies I watch over on listal.  I’ll be back soon with a new post.  Maybe its time for an education post?


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