Five more days until summer vacation at my school!  I work at a year round school so we get off 4 weeks during the summer and another 7 throughout the year.  August break is our second biggest along with the 3 weeks we get off in December for Christmas and New Years.  I have lots of plans for the upcoming 2.5 weeks and a very exciting week planned at school to go along with it!



My grandmother, aunt and mom came to visit yesterday and it was great!  I can’t wait to see them during August break basically every day.  We did a bit of shopping and  I used the target giftcard I had earned on swagbucks the other day towards some restocking.  I still have 8 dollars left on the card I used today and some odd cents on another card meaning later on I can restock/get groceries/something fun for me later on at target.  I don’t think I did too badly!  Plus I found two new flavors of Clif and Luna bars I didn’t know had been released.


For lunch we stopped at an independent pizza place called Slice.  They had a nice assortment and for $4 a slice it wasn’t horribly priced.  They also had the typical fridge of drinks but they had Honest Tea and Zico coconut water which was a huge plus.  I got a bottle of (overpriced, I can get the same bottle for a $1 a Kroger) Honey Green Tea to go with it.   I got the Mediterranean pizza (I’m vegetarian) and I was disappointed at how greasy it was.  I had to use THREE napkins to get rid of grease and there was still grease left.  I know some people like this, but I don’t like the extra grease.


More shopping later, I got a few new clothes at Wet Seal (I love their 5 for $20 because their clothes actually hold up well and fit great) and checked out the Grand Opening of 5 below.  I love the store, but I’ll have to go back later to check it out since it was too crowded yesterday.



I ended up picking up a new game that’s been sitting on my shelf for a while yesterday; Kirby’s Avalanche.  It’s a SNES game that’s fallen under the radar because its not a typical action/adventure Kirby title, but a puzzle game.  It took me almost 4 hours to get through, but it was a great game.  It’s Puyo based on a Kirby theme and it worked great.  There were only two stages I had trouble with; Heavy Mole and King Zeedee.  It’s an easy game to pick up and play through and later on I might pick it up to play again because it was a ton of fun (I’ve never played a Puyo game before).   Of course now I’m in a Kirby game mood.


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