Do-it-yourself jar opener

Jars can be a pain to open sometimes.  Luckily when I was growing up, my mom had a plastic jar opener that made opening jars not a struggle.  I haven’t looked for one myself, but its something I’ve always thought would be nice to have.


The other day I found an old shelf liner while I was trying to open a stubborn jar and thought it might be worth a shot.


I put it on top of the jar and presto-it came off with ease.  It was really easy to cut it into a circle using a large jar as a reference.


I cut it until it was just right and I still have a bit of shelf liner to make more in the future if need me.  It’s one of those great life hacks you just discover by chance!



The Land before time photo: The Land Before Time TheLandBeforeTime.jpg

On an unrelated note, I’ve completed one of my 2013 goals in its entirety!  As of today I have officially watched 70 new movies that I haven’t seen before.  The lucky #70 was The Land Before Time: Time of the Great Flyers.  I’ve been a fan of the series for a long time and with only one more movie to see before I’ve seen them all, a sense of bittersweet comes.  There hasn’t been a new movie in 6 years and the office as closed leaving the series in uncertainity.  I hope they release even one more new one if only to wrap things up and allow fans to see our heroes become adults!


You can see the complete list of movies I’ve seen here.  I plan on continuing to watch movies of course-but I’ve met a goal!


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