Too many games to ever play

 (This was once my backlog collection!)


Growing up, I had a fair share of games and free time.  i often had time to play games and most of my games were beaten.  While I missed out on several great games, I also got to play quite a few as well.  After Pokemon came out, I got into RPGs, my favorite genre.  Final fantasy and Kingdom Hearts were bigger stepping stones and money, roughly half of my games are RPGs with the other half being mostly platformers and side scrollers.  I have several other genres, but those two are my favorite.


I took advantage of lots of sales, flea markets and yard sales in my first 3 years of college and amassed a reasonable collection of games.  As time passed, I realized that my time was growing limited and there were other things I’d rather spend my time doing.  So, games took a back burner and I got rid of old several games I really wasn’t as into playing.  Now I just have games I want to play and plan on replaying.  Yet, I still have over 100 games in my backlog!  Needless to say my goal for beating 50 games isn’t entirely crazy.  You can see my backlog on bloggery and listal.


i also set a rule for myself, inspired by a friend who is encountering the same problem oni have too many games!). But, there are still games I know I want to play still coming out ( a lot).  Our rule of thumb is to beat 5 games we dal ready have, THEN buy a new game.  I think it’s pretty reasonable and it gives me motivation to play some games.  I don’t plan on buying any new systems for a while (another topic). I just can’t keep up and while I’ll buy A 3ds at some point…I have too many ds games to keep me occupied right now.  My wishlist is already 70+ games long!


My goal is to someday not have any unbeaten games (though some games, like Ghouls and Ghosts, might never be beaten-so they don’t count).  I teach at a year round school, so I don’t have summers off (real world-summers are for working), but I can squeeze a few hours in every week.  I do miss the lazy days of childhood, but adulthood feels much better at times.  Now to play some Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lion!


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