Two More Goals…Done!

I’m moving quickly through my 101 goals list!  I started a board game club at my workplace last week and our numbers are growing!  I can be somewhat shy about my ‘nerdy’ interests, but I have several coworkers who are into things like video games, marvel, board games etc and I love it!  In college I had so many friends with the same interests and I was nervous that in the ‘real world’ that wouldn’t be the cause.  I’ve been proven very wrong!  We’ve been playing Settlers every Tuesday for 2+ hours and we’re doing two days next week and hopefully I can get around to buying Munckin to introduce 😉


My other goal is that I got new glasses!  I can’t say how they were broken, but lets just say the last week has entailed me gluing my broken glasses to get them to last until my appointment today.  When I got to school today, they snapped again and being fustrated, I just taught today without them.  I got used to it and it didn’t bother me too much except when I went outside and that I couldn’t make out facial reactions.  My eye appointment took all of 30 minutes and the optometrist commented how near sighted I was (thanks..?).  Since they would’ve taken a week to get me new ones, I went to lenscrafters and paid an arm for a new pair that I’m completely in love with. It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten new glasses/went to lenscrafters and they actually had a gizmo they attach to your glasses frame to measure your head and adjust them from that.  Technology is something else.


No other big goal updates here (just work in progresses), so hopefully my next entry will be something not related to my goals.  I have a couple art projects I’ve done with my students I want to post at some point (or just pinterest it?)  In parting, I leave you with a question!


Have you played Settlers of Catan?

(Star Trek Catan exists???  This is too awesome)


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