Thoughts Watching Transformers Movie

I was cleaning and reorganizing this evening so I decided to pop in a movie.  I noticed on youtube yesterday that someone had uploaded the entire movie and having recently watched the live action movies, I decided to give it a watch.  It was ok, but I had a couple random thoughts watching it;



-Optimus died 😦 So much sadness and so early in the movie

-I miss Peter Cullens voice

-Megatron, shouldn’t you be weirded out by that random space thing?   Wait…you’re about to die, kind of don’t blame you for agreeing to help him.  I guess?

-By weird space thing I mean unicron!

-How did unicron become so big??

-Dinosaur transformers

-There’s a girl transformer?  Is that Opitmus Prime’s GF I always hear about?

-Starscream is annoying…and he’s dead!

-Hot rod just punched Galvatron in the face and immediately transformed.  That was awesome.

-How many planets with transformers are there???


This concludes my nerdy post of the week 😉


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