101 Goals update (big!)


After not posting anything new in a week, I’m happy to say that I’ve made quite a bit of progress on my list in that time.  Here are the goals that I’ve made progress on;

Goals completed:

Participate in a 5K (Autism 5K)


In Progress:

(1/8) 5K runs

(1/25) volunteering for causes (5K volunteer)

(1/100) Make 100 new foods-Red Curry

(1/30 crafts)-Made a sign for my mom for Mothers Day


Sadly I didn’t get any photos from the 5K yesterday, but it was amazing!  Many people came out and we raised a lot of money.  I can’t wait to see the official numbers!  I’m already excited for the one next year 🙂  Now I just need to find my next 5K.  I know I’ll be crossing off another thing on my list because I’m hosting a board game club!  I can’t wait for it 🙂


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