Cherry blossom Festival and street festival

After weeks of high anticipation, yesterday I went to the cherry blossom festival in DC.  I went with 5 other friends and it was a blast!  We ended up taking the metro into DC (my first time on the metro) which put us right outside the entrance to the street festival.  Right before we entered I saw a group of girls dressed as sailor scouts from Sailor Moon (The first of many cosplayers).

We split into groups of 3 and toured a number thin booths and events ranging from bonsai tree creation ( I didn’t realize what a process it was) to;

Sushi pillows


Jpop band


Cosplay (Chrono Trigger!)


And plenty of Japanese goodies!


I tried to be conservative in my spending and I did fairly well.  I walked away with a book, picture and some edibles.

After touring the street festival for a few hours, we walked to see the cherry trees.  Aparently the peak day was Thursday and since we went on Saturday, we saw lots of trees in perfect bloom!


It was a lot of fun and it’ll be here again soon enough!  This also marks off the first thing on my 101 in 1001 list


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